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How to Keep Your Knees Pain-Free This Summer

Knee Pain

The summer weather gives many people more opportunity to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Whether you are running, gardening or mowing the lawn, your knees are going to be involved. A minor misalignment at any moment can cause serious pain. There are things you can do to help you avoid injury, so you can make…

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How to Tell if Your Elbow is Dislocated

Elbow Pain

When the bones in the forearm, called the radius and ulna, move out of alignment with the bone in the upper arm, the humerus, the elbow dislocates. These three bones make up the elbow joint, which becomes out of joint when dislocated. Fractures, injuries to arteries and nerves in the elbow area can cause impaired…

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Do Not Ignore Elbow Injury Symptoms that Could Indicate a Fracture

Elbow Pain

If you have fallen on your elbow or suffered any other kind of blunt-force trauma to the joint, look out for worrying symptoms. Sudden intense pain, swelling around the area, numbness in the fingers and pain when moving the joint are all possible signs of a fracture. Elbow fractures are often minor, but in some…

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Four Benefits of Telemedicine Appointments in New York City

Doctor on Telemedicine Appointment New York NY

In these challenging times, many industries have had to cut back on physical appointments. These measures are designed to protect customers, clients, visitors, patients and employees. Although how we treat our patients has changed in some respects, there are benefits to our new approach. This is especially true of telemedicine appointments. Convenience Getting to and…

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Avoid Chronic Ankle Injuries

Ankle Pain New York NY

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries that show up in urgent care centers and emergency rooms. In fact, about 25,000 people sprain an ankle every day in the USA. Jumping, quick movements and frequent changes in direction are the cause of most of these sprains and most of them happen on…

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How to Find Arthritis Relief in Cold Weather

Diagnosis of Pain New York NY

The winter season offers breathtaking snowy scenery and holiday fun with family and friends. However, individuals suffering with arthritis can struggle to enjoy the fun due to the drop in temperature. Weather changes can make arthritis symptoms worse. There are a few things you can do to help ease arthritis symptoms so you can enjoy…

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Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy Surgery in New York City

woman with knee pain

The demand put on the knees from everyday living, work and sporting activity can become overwhelming. As complex, load-bearing joints, the knees are designed to absorb shock and carry your weight. When those forces become excessive, health problems such as injury or arthritis can occur. In the past, individuals suffering from a significant knee injury…

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3 Tips to Prevent Orthopedic Injuries During the Holidays

Orthopedic Injuries New York, NY

Holiday celebrations with family and friends can be both stressful and fun. However, some aspects of your get-togethers can put a damper on your festive spirit. Holiday decorations and meals can create safety hazards, especially when there are more people in a confined space.  Here are three tips to prevent orthopedic injuries during the holidays.…

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Is Fear Preventing You from Seeking Orthopedic Treatment?

Team of Doctors New York NY

Concern about treatment for an acute injury has been known to prevent sufferers from seeking help. If you believe that allowing an injury to heal without intervention is the best option, it could result in long-term damage to a ligament, muscle or joint. It is always better to err on the side of caution by…

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Emergency Sports Injury Treatment in New York

During situations such as COVID-19, it is important that state health services are not overburdened and that patients are treated in safe environments. Athletes who have suffered a sports injury may decide to visit the emergency room as a first option. While these facilities will accept all incoming patients, there is an increased risk of…

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