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When to Become Concerned About Knee Pain

Knee Pain

If your knee pain comes on suddenly following a trip or fall, it is easy to identify why you feel discomfort. However, some pain in the knee only appears intermittently or develops slowly. You may think that knee injury can only result from trauma. It is true that sports like basketball, running, or cycling can…

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How to Get Moving Again Safely in Springtime

Smiling Woman Outside and Active

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to start exercising outdoors. After a long winter of staying indoors, our bodies can become weak, contributing to fatigue and soreness in our muscles and joints. While it’s important to become active again, you don’t want to jump into intense exercise or risk causing…

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Damaged Cartilage Can’t Heal on its Own, But We Can Repair or Replace It

Joint Pain

If your joint hurts, it might be due to damaged or lost cartilage. As you age, general wear and tear can cause this, especially if your hobbies or occupation requires repetitive motions. Trauma from a vehicle accident or other injury and diseases that affect the joints like arthritis can also damage the cartilage. What is…

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Do You Need Professional Assistance to Fully Recover from Shoulder Bursitis?

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder bursitis is one of the most common forms of shoulder pain. Nevertheless, it may be time to seek professional assistance if at-home care has proven ineffective. Dr. Jonathan Glashow’s Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine in NYC offers treatments to help you fully recover if you’ve been in pain for over two weeks already without…

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Tips To Prevent Jumper’s Knee

Knee Pain

The patellar tendon connects the bottom of your kneecap to the top of your shin bone. Activities like jumping and running can cause inflammation in the patellar tendon and pain below the kneecap. This condition is called jumper’s knee, and if one does not take precautions, it can lead to severe tears in the patellar…

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Top 3 Common Causes of Orthopedic Injuries During Winter

Orthopedic Pain

While the winter season provides breathtaking sceneries with freshly fallen snow and sparkling ice crystals, it can increase the risk of injury. Prevention is key to helping you stay healthy and safe from hazardous winter elements. Here are the top three common causes of orthopedic injuries to be aware of during the winter season. Slips…

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Is Abrasion Arthroplasty Right for You?

woman with knee pain

Knee pain can severely affect your quality of life. If your knee pain is caused by articular cartilage damage, abrasion arthroplasty can help reduce your knee pain and get you back to an active lifestyle. What is Abrasion Arthroplasty? Abrasion arthroplasty is a procedure that promotes the growth of new cartilage in the knee. This…

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Autumn Sports Injuries

Football Player

If you play sports, autumn is the time of year many of us anticipate. Football, soccer and cheerleading are only some of the sports that kick off in the fall. School teams and adult leagues alike are hitting the field for practices and games, increasing the risk of injury. Here are some tips to avoid…

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When Elbow Arthritis Becomes a Threat to Your Career

Elbow Pain

Pain, stiffness, inflammation and limited arm movement are signs that one or more joints may be affected by arthritis. When the elbow is the impacted joint, significant reduction in movement is typically observed in the limb. This can lead to career-changing or even career-ending implications for many sufferers of elbow arthritis or osteoarthritis. Athletic Careers…

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Why You Should Not Ignore Stress Fractures

X Ray

Anyone who watched the UFC 264 event would have witnessed Irish MMA star, Conor McGregor, suffer a horrific tibia and fibula break during the main event. Responding to speculation in the days after the event, McGregor claimed to have developed stress fractures during his training camp. Repetitive force from kicking, which is an integral strategy…

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