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Is Fear Preventing You from Seeking Orthopedic Treatment?

Team of Doctors New York NY

Concern about treatment for an acute injury has been known to prevent sufferers from seeking help. If you believe that allowing an injury to heal without intervention is the best option, it could result in long-term damage to a ligament, muscle or joint. It is always better to err on the side of caution by…

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Emergency Sports Injury Treatment in New York

X Ray

During situations such as COVID-19, it is important that state health services are not overburdened and that patients are treated in safe environments. Athletes who have suffered a sports injury may decide to visit the emergency room as a first option. While these facilities will accept all incoming patients, there is an increased risk of…

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Acute Sports Injury Emergency Treatment

Sports Injuries New York NY

If you think you have suffered an acute sports injury, do not try to power through the pain! Athletes are made of strong stuff. However, the last thing you want is an injured bone, muscle or tendon healing in the wrong way or not healing at all. It is important to understand your body’s limits…

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What is a Baker’s Cyst and Should I Be Concerned?

woman with knee pain

A 19th Century surgeon named William Morrant Baker was the first to describe the condition in which a fluid filled sac developed on the back of the knee. This protrusion, also know as a popliteal cyst, is an accumulation of synovial fluid. The Baker’s cyst can form in the hollow of the knee when the…

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4 Tips for Improving Your Orthopedic Health

Joint Pain New York NY

Many people are living with orthopedic issues that are significantly impacting how they live on a daily basis. Bone and joint problems can create long-term pain and disability. There are things you can do to prevent these issues from occurring. Here are four tips for improving your orthopedic health. Keep an Active Lifestyle Keeping an…

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Do You Have Golfer’s Elbow?

Doctor consulting with patient. Elbow muscule pain problems.

Warm weather is here, and that means many will be hitting the links to take advantage of the longer days. But golfers aren’t the only ones who suffer from this condition. There are several other actions that can lead to this injury. What is Golfer’s Elbow? Golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is caused by damage…

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The Vulnerable Achilles Tendon

Fitness woman stretching her leg.

It is interesting how myths and legends can be intertwined with real life. For example, the Achilles tendon is linked to the myth of Achilles’ heel. In Greek mythology, Achilles was the child of the mortal Peleus, king of the Myrmidons, and his mother was a sea nymph named Thetis. His mother wanted to protect…

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Loose Bodies in the Knee

woman with knee pain

Knee problems can easily sideline you by decreasing your mobility and causing pain. It is important to find the source of these issues early in order to prevent more damage from occurring. One knee condition that can cause intermittent pain, and lead to bigger issues, is the accumulation of small fragments of cartilage or bone…

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5 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

woman with shoulder pain

Are you experiencing intense shoulder pain that is restricting your activities? The shoulder is a complex joint that can impact your arm, hand and fingers. When you have shoulder pain, it can be difficult to lift, reach or even perform routine tasks, like washing your hair. Determining the cause of shoulder pain is the first…

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Why a Second Opinion is Vital Before Orthopedic Surgery

Tired athlete runner man exhausted with headache.

Orthopedic surgery is often an elective procedure, but it can be game-changing for many people. If you are considering orthopedic surgery, you should know all your options. Not all orthopedic specialists have the same background and experience with athletes. While all orthopedic surgeons may have a similar education, their experience and expertise can vary greatly.…

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