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The Importance of Stretching Before Playing Sports

Fitness woman stretching her leg.

Whether playing on a professional team or training for your first marathon, pushing your body to the limit can have negative consequences. However, stretching can help prevent many sports injuries. Therefore, you must recognize the significance of stretching before strenuous physical activity. Why Is Stretching Important? The soft tissues around your joints may sustain irreparable…

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How To Prevent Common Elbow Injuries

A sportsman suferring from elbow pain.

The elbow joint is constantly in motion, especially for those with physical occupations or a love of certain sports. Two of the most common are tennis and golfer’s elbow, both involving tendons surrounding the elbow joint. These are labeled as “sports injuries,” but anyone can suffer from these painful elbow conditions. Knowing how you can…

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Joint Sprains May Point Toward Poor Performance

Knee Pain

If you consider yourself an elite athlete, every technique should matter. Repeat injuries are a sign of an underlying injury or poor form – both of which can bring your career to an end. If you want to keep competing, address sprains and other minor injuries before it is too late. Joint sprains typically occur…

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Tips for the Fastest Fracture Recovery Time Possible

A person with a broken leg having a rest on a sofa.

A bone fracture, often known as a bone break, is a devastating injury that significantly impacts everyday life. Which bone(s) you fracture affects your recovery time. But with advanced treatments like Dr. Jonathan Glashow provides, in combination with some simple lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, you can accelerate the healing time of a bone fracture. Take…

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Joint Injury Risks When Hiking

hikinkg man

If you like hiking, it is important to take precautions and stay safe. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, there is always a risk of injury. The joints of the lower limbs are especially vulnerable when traversing tricky terrain. Proper footwear is essential when you go hiking. The right shoe or boot…

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Staying Safe on Vacation

Father playing football with his little son on a beach.

At this time of year, many New Yorkers are eagerly planning summer vacations. Getting away from the stress and strain of everyday life is the highlight of the year. Vacation is definitely a time to relax, while making treasured memories with your family. That said, you should remain vigilant to avoid sustaining injures while on…

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When to Become Concerned About Knee Pain

Knee Pain

If your knee pain comes on suddenly following a trip or fall, it is easy to identify why you feel discomfort. However, some pain in the knee only appears intermittently or develops slowly. You may think that knee injury can only result from trauma. It is true that sports like basketball, running, or cycling can…

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How to Get Moving Again Safely in Springtime

Smiling Woman Outside and Active

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to start exercising outdoors. After a long winter of staying indoors, our bodies can become weak, contributing to fatigue and soreness in our muscles and joints. While it’s important to become active again, you don’t want to jump into intense exercise or risk causing…

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Damaged Cartilage Can’t Heal on its Own, But We Can Repair or Replace It

Joint Pain

If your joint hurts, it might be due to damaged or lost cartilage. As you age, general wear and tear can cause this, especially if your hobbies or occupation requires repetitive motions. Trauma from a vehicle accident or other injury and diseases that affect the joints like arthritis can also damage the cartilage. What is…

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Do You Need Professional Assistance to Fully Recover from Shoulder Bursitis?

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder bursitis is one of the most common forms of shoulder pain. Nevertheless, it may be time to seek professional assistance if at-home care has proven ineffective. Dr. Jonathan Glashow’s Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine in NYC offers treatments to help you fully recover if you’ve been in pain for over two weeks already without…

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