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Ankle Fracture Treatment

The three main bones in the ankle, the fibula, tibia and talus, are susceptible to fractures when the joint is twisted or impacted. Ankle fractures and severe ankle sprains can cause the same symptoms, which is why any painful ankle injury should be evaluated by a physician. Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers advanced fracture treatment to repair damage and restore function to the ankle at our medical facility in New York City.

The tibia (shinbone) and the fibula (smaller lower leg bone) connect to the foot at the ankle. The talus is a small bone above the heel bone that meets the tibia and fibula in the ankle joint. When severe pressure is applied to the ankle during a twist or from impact, one or more of these bones can fracture. Ankle fractures and sprains can both result in intense pain, swelling and bruising. The use of x-rays and an examination are needed to determine if a fracture has occurred during an ankle injury.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Broken Ankle Treatment

Many ankle fractures can be treated without surgery. When only one bone is fractured or the ankle joints remain stable, a closed reduction and immobilization of the ankle may be used to treat an ankle fracture. A cast or “boot” may be used to hold the bones in place while they heal for less complex ankle fractures.

More severe or complex broken ankles may require surgery. Multiple fractures, ankle instability, bone fragments or other complications can require surgery to repair. Rods, plates, screws and other hardware may be used to repair fractured ankles bones and restore ankle stability. Rehabilitation after surgery is essential to restore the fullest function possible.

Ankle fracture treatment is available through the top-ranked orthopedic specialist, Dr. Jonathan Glashow. Dr. Glashow and our team offer a same day diagnosis, consultations and treatment at our clinic on the Upper East Side. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. You can expect best-in-class orthopedic care with medical concierge service. Our team is available for after-hours or weekend appointments for emergency ankle fracture treatment and surgery.

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