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Biceps Tendon Repair Surgery

Looking for the best rated bicep tendon repair surgeon in New York? Our Upper East Side, NYC, orthopedic practice is dedicated to providing patients and the medical community with the highest standard of care in the diagnostic and surgical treatment of shoulder and elbow and disorders. We offer full out of network insurance benefits for your biceps injury diagnosis and surgery (if necessary). We will contact your insurance company and submit for you. You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork.

Please note: A doctor’s referral is NOT necessary from a General Practitioner to see our sports medicine or orthopedic surgery specialists for a biceps repair orthopedic surgery consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at our orthopedic practice – including biceps repair surgery.

Our orthopedic shoulder surgeons are specialists in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of biceps injuries and have awarded by New York Magazine as the “Best Orthopedic Surgeons in America”. We have also been recognized by SuperDoctors, The New York Times, Top Doctors, New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” issue, and hundreds of leading publications, news programs, and orthopedic surgeon’s review websites.

Our NYC Orthopedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Surgeons will assess your shoulder and biceps condition thoroughly to understand the extent of your biceps injury and to access if surgery will be necessary:

  • A medical history of the problem that covers any injuries; frequency, duration, and severity of pain or limitations; and any previous treatment you’ve received
  • A physical evaluation to assess your shoulder’s range of motion, strength, and stability, as well as any swelling or deformity
  • Diagnostic tests that may include X-rays, computerized tomography (CT scan), and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Diagnosing your condition may also require an arthroscopic procedure, in which the orthopedic surgeon makes a tiny incision and inserts a camera that delivers images from the inside of the shoulder joint.

There are two main causes of biceps tears and/or ruptures: injury and overuse.

Injury: If you fall very hard on an outstretched arm or lift something too heavy you can tear your biceps tendon.

Overuse: Many bicep tears are the result of a wearing down and fraying of the tendon that occurs slowly over time (age related injury). However, this can be aggregated by overuse of the muscle – repeating the same shoulder motions over and over again. Overuse can cause a range of shoulder problems, including tendonitis, shoulder impingement, and rotator cuff injuries. Having any of these conditions puts more stress on the biceps tendon, making it more likely to weaken or tear.

A biceps rupture involves a complete tear of the main tendon that attaches the top of the biceps muscle to the shoulder. Bicep ruptures tend to be an aged related usually due to years of wear and tear on the shoulder. A torn biceps in younger athletes sometimes occurs during weightlifting or from actions that cause a sudden load on the arm, such as hard fall with the arm outstretched.

If a tendon ruptures pain is initially intense but can subside after a week or two.

Other symptoms that you may have ruptured a tendon may include:

  • Swelling in the front of the elbow
  • Visible bruising in the elbow and forearm
  • Weakness in bending of the elbow
  • Weakness in twisting the forearm (supination)
  • A bulge in the upper part of the arm created by the recoiled, shortened biceps muscle; “Popeye” deformity
  • A gap in the front of the elbow created by the absence of the tendon

Our best in class NYC orthopedic surgeons pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive care for your Biceps Repair (Shoulder & Elbow) surgery. Our philosophy of direct orthopedic surgeon to patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices on the Upper East Side in NYC. Feel free to contact us today, at any time, and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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