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Cartilage Replacement

If you damage or lose cartilage in your joints, will it heal or regenerate on its own? Unfortunately, cartilage does not repair itself when it is damaged from an injury or lost due to wear/tear and repetitive use. Cartilage is a soft, rubbery material that covers the bones that connect in joints. When it is lost or damaged, bones can rub together. This friction causes inflammation, pain and stiffness in the joint. To restore better joint function and reduced pain, Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers cartilage replacement treatments in NYC.

Methods of Replacing Joint Cartilage

Since cartilage does not heal or repair on its own, it can require medical treatment to restore cushion in the joints. When the layer of cartilage wears thin from repetitive use or cartilage is lost to an injury, there can be bone-on-bone friction in the joint. There are a few different methods to replace lost cartilage in joints using advanced medical technology. Some of the accepted orthopedic options include:

  • Cutting-edge treatment options to stimulate healing (BMC, amniotic fluid)
  • Percutaneous drilling in bone to stimulate cartilage scar tissue growth
  • Cartilage harvesting and transplantation or grafting from other joints
  • Implanting cartilage cells reproduced and grown in a medical lab

There are exciting medical advancements being made that are improving the methods of joint preservation and cartilage replacement available. Our orthopedic specialists utilize cutting-edge treatments and surgery to help extend the lifespan and function of joints for our patients. We offer cartilage replacement, repair and joint preservation therapies to reduce joint pain and increase mobility. When cartilage repair or restoration is no longer an option, we also perform joint replacement surgery.

Damaged or lost cartilage is no longer the end of natural joint function. Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers exceptional orthopedic treatments including cartilage replacement at our medical facility in Upper East Side NYC. To learn more about our joint treatments, contact our team to schedule your appointment.

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