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Knee Sprain Treatment

Twisting or overextending your knee joint can cause a knee sprain, triggering intense pain and limiting your mobility. Athletes of all levels are prone to knee injuries, including sprains, but anyone can strain their knee with the wrong movement. If you have a severe knee sprain, you may need medical treatment to repair and heal your joint. Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers advanced knee sprain treatments and surgery to help you recover quicker and regain your mobility at our medical clinic on the Upper East Side of NYC.

Different Grades of Knee Sprains

A knee sprain involves stretching or tearing one or more ligaments of the knee joint. There are four main ligaments in the knee: anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL). When the knee twists or overextends, it can stretch or tear one or more ligaments that support and stabilize the knee joint. Three different grades of knee sprains can occur:

  • Grade 1: One or more ligaments were stretched, causing small tears in the ligament for a mild knee sprain.
  • Grade 2. Partial tears of a ligament can impact the stability of the knee joint, causing a moderate knee sprain.
  • Grade 3. A complete tear of a ligament in the knee causes instability of the joint. It is the most severe form of knee sprain.

Grade 1 & 2 knee sprains can usually be treated with conservative methods. RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is recommended to allow the ligament tears to heal. This should be followed by physical therapy or rehabilitation to regain strength in the knee joint. Grade 3 knee sprains may require surgical treatment, and it is common for more than one ligament to be torn in a single injury.

Dr. Glashow is a top sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon who offers the most advanced options in knee sprain treatments. Our medical facility offers cutting-edge treatments for anyone with a knee sprain, from professional athletes to people of all ages and walks of life. If you have a knee sprain, contact us to schedule a prompt appointment for an evaluation and treatment plan at our clinic in New York City.

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