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NYC Pectoralis Tendon Repair Surgery

Looking for the best rated NYC pectoralis major tendon repair surgeon? Dr. Jonathan Glashow is a top New York orthopedic surgeon. The need for pectoralis repair surgery due to a major tendon rupture is most frequently the result of a sporting injury. More than 3/4 of the patients that our NYC orthopedic surgeons see with this injury received the injury during weight-lifting, specifically due to bench pressing too much weight. Other causes of a pectoralis major rupture include football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and other traumatic accidents / injuries such as a car accident. Very rarely do women get diagnosed with this condition.

Please note: A doctor’s referral is NOT necessary from a General Practitioner to see our sports medicine or orthopedic surgery specialists for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at our orthopedic practice – including surgery.

We offer full out of network insurance benefits (we will contact your insurance company and submit for you). You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork. Most policies reimburse patients for most of the cost of surgery. Our surgical coordinator will help you with a quote.

Diagnostic tests, treatments (including surgery) and consultations can often be carried out on the same day. We offer true concierge medicine to all patients, irregardless of insurance. We have the ability to see our patients immediately; same day, nights and weekend and offer emergency services.

From casual walkers to Olympic competitors, everyone deserves the high-quality care that Dr. Jonathan Glashow and his team of sports medicine specialist surgeons offer.

We are honored to have been awarded “Best Orthopedic Surgeons in America” by New York Magazine for over a decade. Our best in class orthopedic sports medicine surgeons have also been recognized by SuperDoctors, The New York Times, Top Doctors, New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” issue, and hundreds of leading publications, news programs, and orthopedic surgeon’s review websites.

Most patients will require orthopedic surgery to repair the damage to their pectoralis, however elderly patients may opt to treat the rupture with nonsurgical techniques like medication and physical therapy. In general, younger people and athletes will need to undergo a surgical procedure to regain strength and function. Surgery is usually not considered for partial tears or tears within the muscles.

There are 4 types of pectoralis ruptures which would result in the necessity to undergo orthopedic surgery:

  • Type 1: rupture at the humeral insertion (tendon ruptured from the bone).
  • Type 2: rupture at the musculotendinous junction (rupture in between tendon and muscle).
  • Type 3: rupture of the muscle belly (rupture in the muscle itself).
  • Type 4: Muscle torn off the sternum bone (breastbone, extremely rare).

An MRI or ultrasound will be necessary to determine the exact location of the pectoral muscle injury, meaning whether or not the tear is within the muscle belly of the pectoralis major, at the junction between the muscle and tendon, or the tendon is pulled off of the bone.

Symptoms that you may need pectoralis repair surgery:

  • Initially when you rupture your pectoralis you experience sudden intense pain (a “tearing” or “ripping apart” sensation); oftentimes you can hearing the actual tear.
  • Weakness in pushing the arms out in front of the body
  • Pain in the chest may also extend to the upper arm.
  • You may experience visible bruising through your chest and upper arms.
  • A pocket or a dimpling effect may develop in the flesh above the armpit where your rupture has occurred.
  • Obvious increased muscle weakness throughout your arms and chest.

Complete tears of the tendon off of bone are treated with arthroscopic surgical repair by reattaching the tendon to the humerous bond. The pectoralis tendon repair surgery is an outpatient procedure and has a predicable successful outcome.

Our orthopedic surgeons pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthopedic care including Major Tendon Pectoralis Repair surgery. Our philosophy of direct orthopedic surgeon to patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices on the Upper East Side in NYC. Feel free to contact us today, at any time, and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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