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Runner’s Knee Treatment

Whether you jog to stay in shape or are training for a marathon, you may have heard of runner’s knee. Repetitive stress on the knee joint from jogging, long-distance running and other sports can cause chondromalacia patella, a type of painful knee injury. If you have a painful knee condition that is limiting your ability to compete or stay active, contact us at Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. We offer runner’s knee treatment at our clinic in NYC’s Upper East Side.

What Is Chondromalacia Patella?

Although chondromalacia patella is called “runner’s knee,” you do not need to be a runner to have this knee condition. Chondromalacia patella occurs when wear or friction on the bottom of the kneecap causes the cartilage to soften or deteriorate. Running (or other sports), flat feet, knee injuries, obesity and other factors can result in wear on the kneecap. Kneecap tracking issues can cause excessive wear of the underside of the patella. Symptoms of runner’s knee include:

  • Aching pain below, underneath and on the sides of the kneecap
  • Grinding sensation in kneecap when running downhill, going downstairs or doing knee bends (squats)
  • Rubbing or grinding in the knee when standing after sitting for longer periods

In many cases, mild or moderate runner’s knee can be relieved with rest and using anti-inflammatory medications or treatments. If the symptoms are more severe or the condition keeps reoccurring, sports medicine treatments can help protect the knee from cartilage deterioration and reduce painful symptoms. Interventional treatments including injections, and physical therapy can be used to relieve inflammation and restore proper movement of the kneecap to reduce friction when running or performing other activities.

Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers advanced sports medicine treatments for our athletic patients. If you suffer from runner’s knee, contact our clinic in UES NYC to schedule an examination and consultation on treatment options.

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