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Percutaneous Drilling for Joint Preservation

Damaged or worn cartilage can cause joint pain, stiffness and dysfunction. Cartilage does not regenerate on its own, which can lead to thin areas of this cushion-like substance between connecting bones within major joints. Joint preservation treatments offer options to protect and enhance joint cartilage to reduce inflammation and improve function. Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers percutaneous drilling for joint preservation as one of our treatments for damaged joints at our clinic in NYC.

Minimally-Invasive Joint Drilling

When cartilage is damaged from injury or worn thin from friction or inflammation, it can restrict joint movement. Cartilage fragments, uneven cartilage and thin cartilage can result in joint pain and swelling. Percutaneous, or microfracture, joint drilling is a procedure that can remove damaged or fragmented cartilage. Using an arthroscope and endoscopic tools, the joint can be accessed through a tiny incision for minimally-invasive cartilage and joint treatment.

Once the damaged cartilage is removed, percutaneous drilling is used to create perforations in the bone surface where there is lost or damaged cartilage. These small holes in the bone stimulate a healing response that can create new scar tissue to replace lost cartilage. Cartilage scar tissue can cushion the joint and reduce friction, resulting in less inflammation and pain with movement. Percutaneous drilling is performed as an outpatient procedure at our clinic in New York City and requires minimal downtime for recovery.

Dr. Jonathan Glashow offers advanced medical treatments for joint pain, utilizing minimally-invasive procedures whenever possible. If you suffer from joint pain caused by cartilage loss or damage, percutaneous drilling for joint preservation may be an option. To learn more about microfracture joint drilling and our other joint preservation treatments, contact our clinic in NYC’s Upper East Side.

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