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Elbow Fracture (Broken Elbow) Treatment

The elbow joint contains three bones, the ulna, radius and humerus, that form the hinge between the upper and lower arm. While any of these bones can be fractured due to impact or pressure, an elbow fracture usually involves the olecranon, or top end of the ulna. If you need elbow fracture (broken elbow) treatment in New York City, you can trust Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.

Elbow or Olecranon Fracture Symptoms

Landing on the point of your elbow in a fall or direct impact to the elbow can cause an elbow or olecranon fracture. The olecranon is the bony tip of your elbow, a cup-shaped bone at the end of the ulna, the outside forearm bone. A broken elbow can result in small hairline fractures in the olecranon, or the bony protrusion can shatter. Symptoms of a broken elbow include:

  • Sudden, intense elbow pain
  • Swelling at the point of the elbow
  • Bruising
  • Numbness in the fingers
  • Pain when bending elbow or rotating forearm

Broken elbows can result in closed or open (through the skin) fractures. While some minor elbow fractures can be treated with a splint to hold the bones in place while they heal, many broken elbows require surgery. Bone fragments may need to be removed and bones repaired through open reduction. Open fractures of the elbow should be surgically fixed as quickly as possible to avoid infection or other complications.

Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine is one of the few orthopedic surgery facilities that offer a same day diagnosis, consultation and treatment (surgery) in New York City. We offer immediate care for serious orthopedic injuries, including elbow fracture treatment. If you need expert orthopedic care for a broken elbow, contact our team for an urgent office visit. Our orthopedic specialists are available for night and weekend appointments.

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