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Amniotic Fluid Injections for Joint Preservation

Joint damage can cause pain, inflammation and limit mobility, impacting your quality of life. Unfortunately, damaged cartilage in joints does not self-repair, becoming worse over time. One option in joint preservation is to stimulate healing within the joints. At Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, we offer amniotic fluid injections for joint preservation at our medical facility in New York City.

How Does Amniotic Fluid Help Joints?

Amniotic fluid is the substance that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy, and it is dense in key elements that are vital for tissue growth. Hyaluronic acid, growth factors, antibodies and other factors in amniotic fluid can help stimulate healing in tissue when introduced through an injection.

Amniotic fluid is harvested from healthy births (with consent), and the substance is concentrated and purified for use in cutting-edge medicine treatments. For joint preservation, amniotic injections are used to stimulate healing in joints damaged from injuries, degenerative disease and other factors. The injections can help reduce inflammation and slow deterioration of the joint. While arthritis does not have a cure at this time, treatments like amniotic fluid injections for joint preservation can help extend the lifespan and health of joints to avoid or delay joint replacement.

Amniotic fluid injections can be performed during an office visit and require little to no downtime after the procedure. Our orthopedic specialists can determine if you are a good candidate for amniotic fluid injections and other joint preservation treatments that we offer. Many of our patients have experienced incredible results using one or more joint preservation treatments, reducing their pain and improving joint function.

If you are interested in learning more about amniotic fluid injections for joint preservation or other treatments we offer, contact our clinic on NYC’s Upper East Side today to schedule your joint pain consultation. Dr. Glashow offers world-class medical care for patients with joint problems.

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