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Elbow Dislocation Orthopedic Treatment

The elbow is the second most likely major joint to suffer dislocation of the bones. Excessive force from a fall, an auto accident or other trauma can dislocate the bones in the elbow joint. There are simple and complex elbow dislocation injuries that require orthopedic treatment. Our advanced medical team at Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers cutting-edge elbow dislocation orthopedic treatment at our clinic in NYC’s Upper East Side.

Simple and Complex Elbow Dislocation Injuries

Trauma to the elbow can cause a dislocation of the joint, and it can be either simple or complex. A simple elbow dislocation occurs when the bones are forced out of alignment in the joint without a fracture. This can occur with a fall or blunt impact to the elbow. Most simple elbow dislocations can be treated with immediate closed reduction to realign the joint and rehabilitation through therapy. Surgery is usually only recommended if instability or repeated dislocation occurs.

Complex elbow dislocation involves a fracture and bone misalignment. With complex elbow dislocation, orthopedic treatment almost always will require surgery. In most cases, a closed reduction will be performed to realign the bones as closely as possible and stabilize them until surgery can be performed to repair and realign the joint. The fractures may require metal screws or plates for repair. In some cases, severe fractures to the top of the radial bone could require a surgical implant.

With complex elbow dislocations, it is crucial to have an accurate diagnosis and evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. Dr. Glashow and his team are rated among the top orthopedic experts in the country and offer emergency, same day and after hours treatment. To improve the chance of full function and recovery from a complex elbow dislocation, contact our clinic in New York City for an evaluation and treatment. Our facility and medical team are able to provide emergency orthopedic surgery for an elbow dislocation for faster and more effective recovery.

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