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Hamstring Injuries Treatment

The hamstring involves three different muscles that run from the pelvis to the back of the tibia. Hamstring injuries or strains are common in running or sprinting sports. Tears or ruptures of the hamstring muscles can be slight, partial or complete, resulting in pain, loss of strength and reduced function. Our sports medicine specialists at Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offer hamstring injury treatment for all types of athletes at our clinic in New York City.

Types of Hamstring Injuries

While hamstring injuries are painful, most can be treated with rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, compression and elevation, followed by strengthening exercises or physical therapy. However, the treatment required depends on the level of injury. Hamstring tears or ruptures can range from a strain to partial or complete tears of the muscles. Partial and complete hamstring injuries, common in running athletes like football, soccer or basketball players, may require surgical intervention.

When a partial or complete hamstring tear occurs, it can result in loss of strength and function. In some cases, scar tissue can form and cause entrapment of the sciatic nerve. Surgical treatment is usually reserved for those with severe hamstring injuries, especially those who are serious or professional athletes. With the right treatment, athletes can fully recover from severe hamstring injuries and return to the same level of play.

Dr. Glashow is a renowned sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon who works with athletes requiring intricate medical care. Our medical facility on the Upper East Side offers first-class sports medicine treatment for hamstring injuries with same day appointments and treatment available. If you have suffered a severe hamstring or other sports injury, contact us any time of day or night to discuss scheduling an appointment.

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