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Elbow dislocations, often caused by traumatic events such as falls or sports injuries, can result in significant pain, instability and impaired functionality. Traditional approaches to managing elbow dislocations often involve external braces or casts, but advancements in orthopedic procedures have introduced internal elbow brace techniques. These procedures offer a more targeted and effective solution for stabilizing the elbow joint after a dislocation, promoting optimal healing and restoring function. Here are several key benefits associated with internal elbow brace procedures for elbow dislocation injuries, available through Jonathan L. Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine in NYC.

Anatomical Precision

Internal elbow brace procedures involve surgically placing braces or implants directly within the anatomy of the elbow joint. This allows for precise positioning and stabilization of the bones and ligaments, addressing the specific issues caused by the dislocation. The anatomical precision of internal braces contributes to better outcomes in terms of stability and recovery.

Immediate Stabilization

Unlike external braces that may take time to adjust and secure, internal elbow brace procedures provide immediate stabilization to the dislocated joint. This rapid intervention helps prevent further damage, minimizes pain, and promotes a more favorable environment for the healing process to begin.

Customized Treatment

Internal elbow brace procedures allow for a customized treatment approach based on the individual characteristics of the dislocation. Dr. Glashow can tailor the internal braces to the patient’s unique anatomy, ensuring optimal fit and functionality. This customization enhances the effectiveness of the stabilization and promotes a more successful recovery.

Preservation of Range of Motion

Internal elbow brace procedures aim to stabilize the joint while preserving the natural range of motion. This is particularly important for maintaining functional movement during the recovery period. Patients are often encouraged to engage in controlled and supervised rehabilitation exercises to gradually regain strength and flexibility.

Faster Rehabilitation

Internal elbow brace procedures often allow for faster initiation of rehabilitation exercises. Since the internal stabilization is immediate, patients can begin rehabilitation sooner, facilitating the restoration of strength, coordination and range of motion. Early rehabilitation is crucial for optimizing functional outcomes, especially important for athletes who want to limit time spent on the bench.

Long-Term Stability

Internal elbow brace procedures aim to provide long-term stability to the elbow joint. Once the braces are in place, they offer continuous support during the healing process and contribute to the prevention of recurrent dislocations. This long-term stability enhances the overall success of the treatment.

Internal elbow brace procedures represent a significant advancement in the management of elbow dislocation injuries. These procedures offer several advantages, including anatomical precision, immediate stabilization, customized treatment, reduced discomfort, preservation of range of motion, faster rehabilitation and long-term stability. Individuals who have experienced elbow dislocations can benefit from consulting with top orthopedic specialist, Dr. Jonathan Glashow, at Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine to explore the suitability of internal elbow brace procedures based on their specific injury and overall health. Call our office in Manhattan to schedule a consultation with Jonathan Glashow, MD.

Posted on behalf of Jonathan Glashow, MD

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