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Anyone who watched the UFC 264 event would have witnessed Irish MMA star, Conor McGregor, suffer a horrific tibia and fibula break during the main event. Responding to speculation in the days after the event, McGregor claimed to have developed stress fractures during his training camp.

Repetitive force from kicking, which is an integral strategy for many UFC fighters, can cause stress fractures. It is also possible to develop stress fractures from other athletic activities, wear and tear or bone conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Stress Fracture Symptoms & Causes

Symptoms from stress fractures are not always immediately apparent. Pain is likely to develop slowly and get worse over time. You will likely experience symptoms during periods of activity, with pain subsiding during rest. Severe pain from stress fractures is cause for concern, as are symptoms that persist when you are at rest.

In the case of Conor McGregor, stress fractures may have been caused by repetitive leg kicking. Shin on shin contact is common in MMA. However, increased training or activity in any sport can result in stress fractures. Time is an important factor in avoiding the development of stress fractures.

If the bones are not able to reform in order to handle greater stress or weight loads, the result is tiny fractures forming. It is important to rest between training sessions and pay attention to red flags. If pain from stress fractures becomes severe, you should contact the offices of Jonathan Glashow MD for a consultation.

Stress Fracture Consultation

Breaking a limb because of stress fractures is avoidable in most cases. Conor McGregor claimed to have known about the presence of stress factors but opted not to go through surgical treatment. The leg seemingly broke as the fighter stepped back in an awkward position. However, the already compromised bones would have played a role.

Rather than waiting for the worst possible outcome, seeking an exam and consultation to identify stress fractures are recommended. Jonathan Glashow MD and his team can provide diagnosis and treatment for a range of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine solutions.

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