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Orthopedic surgery is often an elective procedure, but it can be game-changing for many people. If you are considering orthopedic surgery, you should know all your options. Not all orthopedic specialists have the same background and experience with athletes. While all orthopedic surgeons may have a similar education, their experience and expertise can vary greatly. Before you have orthopedic surgery, invest the time and money in a second opinion to make sure you are making the right choice.

A New Perspective

It never hurts to have a second opinion for any medical procedure. For invasive surgery, it is vital. Different surgeons may have different approaches to obtaining the same results. It doesn’t necessarily mean one method is right or wrong, but one may be better for the specific patient. You want a surgeon who is considering your lifestyle and history, treating you as a person, employing the latest proven technology and not just your condition. Getting a new perspective with a second opinion may give you other treatment or surgery options or confirm you are making the right choice.

Do You Trust Your Surgeon?

You should feel confident that your surgeon is the best person to perform your procedure. If you feel like you are just another patient and want a more personalized approach, seek a second opinion. Surgery is a major decision, and you should be confident that your surgeon is making you a priority. One of the reasons Dr. Glashow has received so many professional accolades is how he interacts with his patients, giving them one-on-one consultations and personalized attention.

Is Surgery Necessary?

The most important question that needs to be answered before orthopedic surgery is whether or not it is the only option. There have been many advancements in orthopedic care. For example, joint replacement was once the standard for relieving joint pain. There are now more options available for joint preservation that can help patients delay or avoid replacing their joints. Dr. Glashow is a proponent of choosing less invasive options for orthopedic treatment when possible, recommending surgery only when it is clearly the best choice for the patient.

Orthopedic Surgery Second Opinions Available

Dr. Jonathan Glashow has extensive experience and a stellar reputation for his innovative techniques and exceptional results as an orthopedic surgeon. Before you decide if orthopedic surgery is the right choice for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Glashow for a second opinion. You will receive expert orthopedic input from one of the best in the field. Call our office on the Upper East Side of NYC to schedule an appointment for your orthopedic second opinion.

Posted on behalf of Jonathan Glashow, MD

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