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Knee PainIf your knee pain comes on suddenly following a trip or fall, it is easy to identify why you feel discomfort. However, some pain in the knee only appears intermittently or develops slowly. You may think that knee injury can only result from trauma. It is true that sports like basketball, running, or cycling can strain the knee joint, but everyday activities such as gardening, walking or cleaning exert significant pressure on the tendons and cartilage of the knee.

Not all knee pain requires surgery and may be treated at home. However, some conditions can cause pain to increase and cause joint damage and disability if left untreated. In addition, a minor knee injury weakens the area and makes it more likely that you will experience similar problems down the line. Doctor Jonathan L. Glashow recommends seeking medical attention if you are concerned about knee pain.

What Part of My Knee Has Been Injured?

The knee and leg operate through a complex system of tendons and muscles to give a full range of motion. In addition, layers of cartilage and pockets of fluid allow bones to move smoothly. With so many elements at play keeping the leg functioning normally, it can be hard to identify what has been damaged, causing you discomfort.
Fractures and ligament tears can occur from falling or even twisting the leg. In addition, tendons may experience inflammation due to overuse, or the fluids in the knee may swell and restrict proper movement.

What to Do to Reduce the Chance of a Knee Injury

Although sporting activities may increase the risk of knee injury due to trauma, remaining fit and healthy is the number one way to prevent knee issues. Carrying excess body weight places strain on the knee joint, increasing the rate of cartilage deterioration. Strong muscles provide stability to the joints, so maintaining a good fitness level safeguards your knee health.
Performing exercises incorrectly or choosing high-impact sports if you already have knee pain will exacerbate any issues. Instead, consider low-impact activities like swimming or engage a personal trainer to get you working out successfully.

If you are concerned about knee pain or before embarking on an exercise regime, contact Doctor Jonathan L. Glashow in New York for advice and treatment.

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