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Pain, stiffness, inflammation and limited arm movement are signs that one or more joints may be affected by arthritis. When the elbow is the impacted joint, significant reduction in movement is typically observed in the limb. This can lead to career-changing or even career-ending implications for many sufferers of elbow arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Athletic Careers

If you love sports, receiving news of a joint-related diagnosis can be devastating. The arms are used in several sporting disciplines including football, basketball, baseball, golf and mixed martial arts. However, pain in the elbow can impact performance in other activities, such as running, that do not involve using the upper limbs.

As a rule, athletes always want to perform as injury free as possible. Arthritis in the elbow can cause frequent pain and discomfort, which is likely to hamper overall performance. If the condition goes untreated, wear and tear can lead to serious degeneration of the joint.

Jobs & Professions

There are very few jobs outside of the sporting world that do not involve the use of hands. While the wrists and fingers are largely independent from the elbows in many respects, there are several limitations you may experience as the result of a joint condition such as arthritis of the elbow.

Bending and rotating the arm without experiencing pain and discomfort will become difficult or impossible. If your job involves activities such as typing, pulling, pushing or lifting, a compromised elbow may have career-ending implications.

Elbow Arthritis Symptoms

Pain and discomfort are the first potential signs of early onset arthritis in the elbow. You may also experience stiffness, inflammation and restricted movement in the affected limb. Due to the degenerative nature of most conditions affecting the joints, seeking early diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

Wear and tear in and around the elbow joint can be slowed down or stopped with the right approach to treatment, in many cases. If you suspect there is a long-term problem with any joint, turn to the specialist Jonathan Glashow MD and his team. Call today to arrange a consultation and benefit from the best orthopedic care in NYC.

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