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A person with a broken leg having a rest on a sofa.A bone fracture, often known as a bone break, is a devastating injury that significantly impacts everyday life. Which bone(s) you fracture affects your recovery time. But with advanced treatments like Dr. Jonathan Glashow provides, in combination with some simple lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, you can accelerate the healing time of a bone fracture.

Take Dietary Supplements

Calcium supplements can help repair damaged bones while strengthening them. In addition, vitamin supplements containing vitamin C, D and K can help bones heal faster.

Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet

Proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential to a fractured bone’s healing process. Therefore, eat a well-balanced diet that includes enough nutritious high-calorie foods from various categories. It is vital for body maintenance and swift recovery. Ideally, it would help to eat a diet rich in green vegetables and fruits and high-quality protein sources like eggs, dairy products and lean meat.

Limit Your Intake of Salt, Caffeine, Sweetened Beverages and Soda

Sodium, sugary drinks and colas can rob your bones of calcium, slowing bone mending. Caffeine also contains compounds that bind with calcium and prevent its absorption.

Do Not Drink Alcohol or Smoke

Smoking and drinking, in general, are bad for your health, and while trying to heal your bone faster, they slow it down. This is because the blood flow in your bones is altered by these harmful chemicals, which prevents your bones from receiving the nutrients they need to recover.

Avoid Certain Drugs

Ibuprofen and aspirin may help reduce inflammation, but studies show that they can impede the healing of bone fractures. Instead, opt for natural remedies like flavanols, bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, which have no adverse effects on bone repair.

Moderate Exercise

Nutrient flow and circulation are essential for the healing of a bone fracture. Exercising can help this process if you do it carefully. Joint loading and motion workouts like swimming or aerobics are crucial if you want to ensure that blood carries nutrients to the fractured region. However, consult your doctor beforehand for the best course of action.

Do Not Put the Fractured Bone to the Test

It may be alluring to check on the progress of your mending fracture. However, it is a terrible idea to test the bone sooner than suggested. Instead, avoid putting it under any stress until your doctor says it is OK.

If you want high-quality treatment for your fracture, contact Dr. Jonathan Glashow. He is a prominent orthopedic surgeon who treats professional athletes whose careers depend on a full recovery. His skills can help anyone heal from a catastrophic bone fracture in the shortest time possible.

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