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Fitness woman stretching her leg.Whether playing on a professional team or training for your first marathon, pushing your body to the limit can have negative consequences. However, stretching can help prevent many sports injuries. Therefore, you must recognize the significance of stretching before strenuous physical activity.

Why Is Stretching Important?

The soft tissues around your joints may sustain irreparable injury if you do not stretch before playing sports. These tissues comprise skin, joint capsules, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Additionally, if you do not stretch properly, your tissues can eventually shorten, making you tired and impeding your performance goals.

Improves Circulation
Cramping is a painful side effect of poor circulation. Although it is not lethal, it is unpleasant. Holding a position for a long time will result in cramps. While cramps are common in swimmers and football players, anyone can get them. Stretching is a great way to increase blood flow. With good circulation, you can improve the performance of your muscles and prevent cramps while playing sports.

Enhances Coordination and Mobility
You will most likely move slowly if you do not stretch before a game or workout.

Improves Flexibility
If you are a gymnast, your sport will require you to be very flexible as you swing from bar to bar and tumble through the air. If you stretch, your body will become more flexible, making it easier for you to perform your techniques.

Relieves Muscle Tension
It is common to feel tension and anxiety before a major game. As a result, your muscles may stiffen. However, stretching exercises can help relax and loosen your muscles, allowing them to move more freely. Stretching makes you feel great because it activates your parasympathetic nervous system. It also boosts blood flow, which reduces tension and improves your mood.

Increase Your Range of Motion
Stretching your muscles makes it easier to run and leap since your legs will not feel stiff or get too weary as quickly. Therefore, always prepare your body for a major game to perform at your peak.

Prevents Muscle Strain
If you do not stretch, you risk harming your muscles and joints. You could develop muscle strain or injury if you make quick, vigorous movements. Unfortunately, some injuries are permanent. Stretching will prepare your body for exercise. Doing so can prevent your muscles from getting strained and overworked.

Schedule an Appointment for Sports Injury Treatment

Remember to consider the importance of stretching before engaging in physical activity. Your muscles and joints will benefit from these exercises as they prepare for the tremendous activities ahead. In addition, it will make you more flexible and lower your risk of suffering a sports injury.

If you have a sports injury, please get in touch with us or come to our clinic on the Upper East Side of New York City to make an appointment.

Posted on behalf of Jonathan Glashow, MD

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