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At this time of year, many New Yorkers are eagerly planning summer vacations. Getting away from the stress and strain of everyday life is the highlight of the year. Vacation is definitely a time to relax, while making treasured memories with your family.

That said, you should remain vigilant to avoid sustaining injures while on vacation. You want to remember your time away from home for all the right reasons, opposed to experiencing pain and suffering. Accessing proper medical care is difficult in some foreign countries, and follow up treatment might be costly on your return.

Three Common Causes of Injury on Vacation

Vacation time allows you to try many sports and activities that you would not otherwise experience. Many of these pursuits have some element of risk, especially if you are not experienced. It is very easy to cause injury to the knees, shoulders or legs when skiing or snowboarding, for example.

Take care to properly research the company that runs the activity. Reviews and credentials will confirm that they use proper safety equipment and know how to respond in an emergency. Avoid injury to the foot, leg or spine by checking the depth of any body of water before jumping in.

Travelling by car or on foot can pose greater risks when you are on vacation. You may focus on following directions or admiring the scenery, resulting in a failure to look out for danger. Local driving laws and customs are sometimes different from those in the USA, so stay alert when using a crosswalk or negotiating traffic.

Injuries from trips and falls are probably the most common vacation accidents. When walking, you might be distracted taking photographs or talking with loved ones, making it more likely that you will stumble or collide with your surroundings. Avoid running on wet surfaces such as the area around a pool. Safety standards may not be as stringent in other countries. Stay on the lookout for uneven carpet and poorly maintained flooring in your hotel.

What to Do If You Are Injured

Dr. Jonathan Glashow and his team have many years of experience treating sports injuries and conditions affecting the elbow, knee and shoulder. Trust the experts to recommend treatment options for your injury sustained while on vacation.

Contact Dr. Jonathan Glashow’s conveniently located Manhattan office today for an appointment.

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