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If you consider yourself an elite athlete, every technique should matter. Repeat injuries are a sign of an underlying injury or poor form – both of which can bring your career to an end. If you want to keep competing, address sprains and other minor injuries before it is too late.

Joint sprains typically occur due to injuries when performing maneuvers that put additional strain on soft tissues or joints. If your sport involves running, jumping, twisting and turning, you are at risk of suffering repeated sport injuries.

Running Form

Are your movements balanced when you run? If not, there is an increased risk of suffering sprains. Every athlete has a different anatomical makeup. It is important to learn the body kinetics that work for you, otherwise you may become sidelined due to recurring injuries.

If repeated injuries occur on one side of the body, that is a red flag. You may be overcompensating, which puts more pressure on a particular limb and its component parts. This is especially common in athletes who have a favored arm or leg when competing.

Twisting Motions

The human body is not designed to twist quickly. If you can duck and dive to gain the competitive edge, certain areas of your body may suffer. The ankles, knees and hips are more prone to injury during this type of maneuver. Additional forces can cause strain that stretches ligaments and muscles beyond their limit.

Synchronicity during twisting motions can help to distribute forces throughout the body. One limb or joint taking all the pressure is never ideal. If you feel like you are putting the full weight of a movement on one area, it is time to change your techniques.

Jumping Actions

When an athlete jumps, the lower limbs act like a complex springboard. The forces distributed through tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints can cause injuries. These issues are avoidable with improved techniques and better weight distribution when landing.

If you are suffering from repeat sprains in New York City, reach out to Jonathan Glashow MD for advice and treatment today. We can help you get back in competition with a healthier attitude to kinetic movement.

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