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Team of Doctors New York NYConcern about treatment for an acute injury has been known to prevent sufferers from seeking help. If you believe that allowing an injury to heal without intervention is the best option, it could result in long-term damage to a ligament, muscle or joint.

It is always better to err on the side of caution by discussing the need for an exam with an orthopedic specialist. If an injury heals in the wrong way, it can lead to a lifetime of pain, discomfort and limited mobility. These issues are often avoidable with viable orthopedic treatments or surgeries.

Orthopedics for Athletic Injuries

Athletes are disciplined and can often continue competing despite an injury. However, doing so can cut short a promising career in sports. A few weeks or months off the field is nothing compared to retiring from sports at a young age due to a permanent injury.

Do not ignore persistent pain or mobility problems resulting from a sporting injury. Treatment is available for acute injuries from Jonathan Glashow MD. If you need surgery, recovery will take some time; but the alternative could be never playing sports again. Don’t risk your career on the hope that a serious sporting injury will heal without professional intervention.

COVID-19 Fears

We understand that you may have fears about seeking treatment due to the threat of COVID-19. Our offices operate a strict policy of only admitting two patients at a time, with treatment limited to acute injuries.

Neither patients nor employees may enter our premises if they are displaying flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with an individual who has contracted the virus. Our team members also sanitize waiting rooms, reception areas and treatment rooms regularly to keep you safe.

If you are suffering from an acute injury in silence, contact Jonathan Glashow MD today to discuss your treatment needs.

Posted on behalf of Jonathan Glashow, MD

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