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A sportsman suferring from elbow pain.The elbow joint is constantly in motion, especially for those with physical occupations or a love of certain sports. Two of the most common are tennis and golfer’s elbow, both involving tendons surrounding the elbow joint. These are labeled as “sports injuries,” but anyone can suffer from these painful elbow conditions. Knowing how you can prevent these injuries can improve your arm mobility and reduce your discomfort.

Repetitive Motion Elbow Injuries

Both golfer’s and tennis elbow are injuries to the tendons in the elbow, usually from repetitive motion. The golfer’s elbow involves the tendon on the inner side of the elbow, while tennis elbow is injury to the tendon on the outside. When gripping, lifting or swinging your arm as you would playing tennis, golf, baseball or most racket sports, you can damage one or both of these tendons. Certain occupations like carpentry, mechanical work and driving positions can also result in repetitive injuries to the elbow tendons.

Preventive Measures

While the causes and symptoms are slightly different for different types of elbow tendonitis, there are ways to prevent these injuries. For those playing sports like tennis, golf or baseball, it is vital to understand the best techniques to avoid injury. Receiving lessons from a pro can help you achieve proper form to protect your elbow from injury.

For anyone who is susceptible to elbow repetitive injuries, some tips to reduce irritation to the tendons in the elbow include:

  • Wearing a supportive elbow brace
  • Stretching and warming up the elbow and forearm before activity
  • Refrain from leaning on your elbow
  • Perform strengthening exercises for the muscles supporting the elbow

If you notice that you are beginning to have pain or weakness when gripping and lifting or turning your wrist or elbow, you may have symptoms of either golfer’s or tennis elbow. There are many conservative treatments that can be effective for resolving elbow tendon injuries, but more severe cases may require elbow surgery.

Jonathan L. Glashow, MD Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine offers innovative treatments for elbow injuries. If you have symptoms of tennis or golfer’s elbow, contact our team to schedule an appointment at our clinic in NYC.

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