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The summer weather gives many people more opportunity to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Whether you are running, gardening or mowing the lawn, your knees are going to be involved. A minor misalignment at any moment can cause serious pain. There are things you can do to help you avoid injury, so you can make the most of your summer. Here are the best tips to help you keep your knees pain-free this summer.

Stretch and Strengthen Your Muscles

Before performing any activity, make sure to stretch your muscles around your knees to keep them pain-free. Your quads and hamstrings can be vulnerable to misalignment. If your calf muscles are tight, it can restrict your movement. Perform strengthening exercises to help build better support around your knee. Start any new workout or outdoor activity slowly to prevent knee injuries.

Wear Protective Knee Gear

If you are prone to knee injuries or have a chronic knee condition, you may want to wear protective gear for your knees. Wear a knee brace if you plan to do any heavy lifting and knee pads while gardening. Make sure to wear the proper footwear to avoid putting abnormal pressure on your knees. Consult with an orthopedic specialist to help determine the best protection to avoid injury. 

Get In Shape

Losing weight can help you keep your knees pain-free this summer. For every pound you lose, you can take up to four pounds of pressure off your knees as you stand or walk. Take advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy low-impact activities to get into shape. Enjoy a hike through the woods or bike ride around the neighborhood. Head to the beach and strengthen your knees with swimming to help relieve pain.

Need Orthopedic Treatment for Knee Pain?

If you do experience knee pain this summer, there are treatments available to help you get back to enjoying your favorite activities. The first step is to schedule a consultation with board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan L. Glashow. During your appointment, Dr. Glashow can recommend the best treatment options to keep your knees pain-free. You do not have to let knee pain ruin your summer fun. Call to schedule a consultation today.

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