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The winter season offers breathtaking snowy scenery and holiday fun with family and friends. However, individuals suffering with arthritis can struggle to enjoy the fun due to the drop in temperature. Weather changes can make arthritis symptoms worse. There are a few things you can do to help ease arthritis symptoms so you can enjoy everything the winter season has to offer. Here are three ways you can find arthritis relief during the cold winter months.

Keep Joints Warm for Arthritis Relief

Keeping your joints warm can help decrease stiffness to provide arthritis relief. Heating pads and electric blankets can be beneficial as long as they are not placed directly on the skin. When going outdoors, consider investing in thermal undergarments and dress in layers. Wear mittens if you have issues with arthritis in your hands.

Request Help with Winter Chores

Winter chores like shoveling snow can increase arthritic symptoms in your joints and create further damage. Simple indoor tasks like vacuuming or rearranging furniture can cause an increase in joint pain and inflammation. Request help from family and friends for winter chores to get arthritis relief during the winter.

Engage in Low-Impact Exercise

Low-impact exercise can increase blood circulation and fluid movement in the joints. Yoga and stretching can be beneficial for improving flexibility and decreasing overall stiffness. Doing gentle exercises for 30 minutes a day can go a long way in providing arthritis relief.

Joint Preservation Treatments for Arthritis Relief 

Joint deterioration and disease can increase the risk for arthritis and immobility from stiffness. Frequent changes in barometric pressure during the winter can create further pain damage to joints from inflammation. There are a few joint preservation treatments that can help provide arthritis relief and may help you avoid surgery. Contact Dr. Jonathan Glashow today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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