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In these challenging times, many industries have had to cut back on physical appointments. These measures are designed to protect customers, clients, visitors, patients and employees. Although how we treat our patients has changed in some respects, there are benefits to our new approach. This is especially true of telemedicine appointments.


Getting to and from appointments at the offices of Jonathan Glashow MD is a challenge for some patients. Whether you are restricted by injuries, immobility due to a health condition or the daily commitments of life, a telemedicine appointment can remove those barriers. We can take care of most diagnosis and aftercare needs over the phone.

New Patient Consultations

As a new patient of Jonathan Glashow MD, you will need to go through a consultation process. Rather than making the trip to our New York City offices, you can simply arrange a time for a telemedicine appointment. The process is much the same, except you can attend the appointment from the comfort of your home.

Imaging Review

The review of MRI, X-ray and other images is an important part of your treatment and recovery. If making time to attend our offices is a challenge, telemedicine appointments offer a more convenient solution. Our team will update you on any findings from imaging review and provide advice on the next necessary steps in your rehabilitation.

Follow-up Sessions in Comfort

Rather than attending our office for any follow-up sessions that don’t involve treatment, you can relax at home while speaking to Jonathan Glashow MD through a telemedicine appointment. You may receive instructions on physical therapy exercises, medication needs and much more during these sessions.

If you would like to book a telemedicine appointment with Jonathan Glashow MD, call our New York City offices at 212-794-5096 to speak to a member of our team today.

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