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During situations such as COVID-19, it is important that state health services are not overburdened and that patients are treated in safe environments. Athletes who have suffered a sports injury may decide to visit the emergency room as a first option. While these facilities will accept all incoming patients, there is an increased risk of the virus spreading.

At the offices of Jonathan Glashow MD, we are committed to ensuring patients with acute sports injuries receive the treatment they need in the midst of the pandemic. By keeping our services operational for emergencies, our team is taking some of the strain off ERs in New York.

Acute Sports Injuries

Acute sports injuries can result in extreme pain and discomfort. An experienced orthopedic specialist is better equipped to diagnose and treat these injuries. Rather than going to the emergency room, athletes should consult with Jonathan Glashow MD to identify treatment needs.

Our orthopedic treatment plans are designed to provide effective relief from acute sports injuries. If you are in pain, discomfort or experiencing limited mobility, make Jonathan Glashow MD your first port of call. We are operating a policy of treating emergencies, providing over-the-phone consultations, X-ray and MRI reviews and follow-up appointments for existing patients.

You may suffer an acute injury from sudden trauma that results in immediate symptoms such as pain, inflammation or limited mobility. When these symptoms persist despite rest and icing the injury, it is time to pursue treatment. Many acute sports injuries result in torn ligaments, which need immediate attention.

Have you suffered an acute sports injury and are unsure of your treatment needs? Call Jonathan Glashow MD for further guidance. Our distanced consultations are safer and put patients on the path toward effective recovery. Contact us today to book your visit at our New York offices.

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