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If you have fallen on your elbow or suffered any other kind of blunt-force trauma to the joint, look out for worrying symptoms. Sudden intense pain, swelling around the area, numbness in the fingers and pain when moving the joint are all possible signs of a fracture.

Elbow fractures are often minor, but in some cases a complex injury can lead to major complications. The symptoms you experience are not always enough to readily identify the severity of the injury. To avoid issues such as exacerbating the fracture, loose bone fragments or infection, it is important to seek diagnosis and possible treatment.

Minor Elbow Fractures

Most minor elbow fractures are addressed with a conservative treatment approach. This typically involves using a splint to secure the joint and bones while the fracture heals. There is no need for surgical intervention unless bone fragments or other complications are identified.

Jonathan Glashow MD can complete same-day diagnosis and treatment for this type of elbow fracture at his New York offices. Aftercare education and advice is also provided to all patients.

Complex Elbow Fractures

Surgery is usually required for elbow fractures that are complex in nature. It is also recommended that treatment is completed as soon after the injury as possible. Complications from this type of fracture include fragments of bone breaking away, infection, bones protruding through skin and damage to surrounding tissues.

A same-day consultation will allow Dr. Jonathan Glashow MD to assess your needs and offer effective treatment options. In most cases, same-day surgery is also an option. The rapid response to major elbow fractures can help patients achieve full recovery without complications.

If you would like to know more about the symptoms of an elbow fracture, call the New York offices of Dr. Jonathan Glashow MD today to book a consultation.

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