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If you think you have suffered an acute sports injury, do not try to power through the pain! Athletes are made of strong stuff. However, the last thing you want is an injured bone, muscle or tendon healing in the wrong way or not healing at all.

It is important to understand your body’s limits when it comes to injury. If pain and discomfort are persistent, even with rest and at-home treatments, it is time to speak to a specialist. You may have an acute sports injury that requires treatment or rehabilitation.

Acute Joint Injuries

Your joints are incredibly important for effective body mechanics. If you have an accidental clash, twist the wrong way or go over on an ankle, the resulting injury could be more serious than you initially suspect. Swelling, pain and discomfort that persist are all red flags that you should seek diagnosis and treatment.

Acute joint injuries can put athletes out of action for months or, in a worst-case scenario, end promising careers. Do not take the risk if you are not finding relief from the symptoms of an injury. There is too much at stake and emergency orthopedic care is available.

Muscle & Tendon Injuries

No matter how much you build up your muscles and tendons, injuries can still occur. If you feel a snapping or popping sensation during a clash or other sporting accident, you may require professional treatment. Your future in a sport could depend on how you react to a potentially serious injury. There is no shame in seeking diagnosis and treatment from an orthopedic surgeon in New York.

Contact the offices of Jonathan Glashow MD to inquire about emergency treatment for acute sports injuries. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your recovery and rehabilitation goals.

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