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Many people are living with orthopedic issues that are significantly impacting how they live on a daily basis. Bone and joint problems can create long-term pain and disability. There are things you can do to prevent these issues from occurring. Here are four tips for improving your orthopedic health.

Keep an Active Lifestyle

Keeping an active lifestyle can increase your musculoskeletal strength. Start slowly with an exercise routine and build it up over time to improve your orthopedic health. Stretch before and after each workout to increase flexibility and prevent injuries. If you have orthopedic issues, avoid high-impact exercises like running. Use stretch bands and weights to build up strength.

Eat Healthy Meals

Changing your diet can vastly improve your orthopedic health. Eating healthy meals containing lean meats and vegetables will give your body the proper vitamins and minerals to operate at optimal levels. Calcium and Vitamin D are great for building bone strength.

Dress for Comfort

The clothing and accessories you wear can have a big impact on your orthopedic health. Choose shoes that provide comfort and support rather than high heels that can throw your body out of alignment. Make sure your feet fit comfortably in the shoes without any cramping. Wear looser fitting clothes to allow muscle flexibility and proper blood circulation.

Improve Your Posture

Poor posture can create chronic neck and back pain. You can improve your orthopedic health by keeping your shoulders back whenever you’re sitting or standing. This will help you avoid constricting the nerves and blood vessels that affect your spinal discs, joints and muscles.

Take Control of Your Orthopedic Health

If you’re suffering from joint issues, don’t let it slow you down. Advanced technology and exceptional medical care are available to assist you in taking control of your orthopedic health. Contact Dr. Jonathan Glashow today to schedule an appointment.

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