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Orthopedic Injuries New York, NYHoliday celebrations with family and friends can be both stressful and fun. However, some aspects of your get-togethers can put a damper on your festive spirit. Holiday decorations and meals can create safety hazards, especially when there are more people in a confined space.  Here are three tips to prevent orthopedic injuries during the holidays.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

During holiday celebrations, there can be more obstacles on the floor that can cause you to trip and fall. Prevent muscle strain and other orthopedic injuries by maintaining awareness of your surroundings at all times. Watch out for presents and decorations that may be on the ground. If you are hosting a celebration, make sure extension cords are secured away from high traffic areas.

Practice Safe Lifting

During the holidays, many people travel large distances to see family and friends. This traveling can include heavy luggage or large gifts that can be hard to lift. Before you do any heavy lifting, stretch your muscles to prevent orthopedic injuries. Use your leg muscles instead of your back to lift and carry heavy items.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Wintery conditions and rushing to holiday gatherings can be a dangerous mix. Traffic is also heavier during the holidays, which can increase the risks of accidents. Car accidents can create serious lifelong orthopedic injuries. Make sure to get plenty of rest before you travel and plan your trip to account for traffic backups. Keep your eyes on the road and reduce your speed if you see ice or rain. Minimize distractions and avoid using your phone to text while driving.

Treatment for Orthopedic Injuries You Can Trust

Despite your best efforts during the holiday season, accidents can still happen. If you suffer any orthopedic injuries while celebrating this year, Dr. Jonathan Glashow can give you the care you need. Dr. Glashow has decades of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, taking care of patients from all around the world. Make an appointment for your orthopedic injuries today!

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