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Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) Surgery Treatment

The swinging motion of flipping your forearm and wrist forward requires specific tendons and muscles in the elbow and forearm. The overhand swing of a tennis player uses these tendons over and over while gripping the handle of their racket. Overuse of these tendons can result in an elbow condition called lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow. At Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center in Miami, FL, we offer tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis surgery treatment.

Lateral epicondylitis is an inflammation of the tendons that run along the outside of the elbow and forearm. The lateral epicondyle is the bony portion of the outer elbow where tendons attach one of the main forearm muscles. This muscle stabilizes the wrist and allows the forearm to straighten. When these tendons and muscles are overused, inflammation can occur along the outside of the elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not just for tennis players. While the motion of gripping and swinging a tennis racket overhead can cause this injury, lateral epicondylitis can also occur by swinging a hammer or performing other repetitive forearm movements. Those with this type of injury may experience pain on the outside of the elbow. If the nerves are affected, gripping doorknobs or handles can be difficult due to weakness.

Inflammation of the forearm tendons can put pressure on nerves and impact other tissues in the elbow joint. If you have severe symptoms of tennis elbow, even if you never played a game of tennis, you should seek medical treatment.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Mild to moderate lateral epicondylitis can often resolve with rest and anti-inflammatory medications or treatments. However, if the condition is impacting the nerves, it is vital to receive treatment to avoid peripheral nerve damage and chronic pain or arm/hand dysfunction. Non-surgical options may include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and injections. If conservative treatments are ineffective, tennis elbow surgery may be required.

If you have symptoms of tennis elbow, contact the office of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD. Call our orthopedic surgery and sports injury center in Miami, FL, to schedule your elbow exam and treatment consultation.

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