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Shoulder Labral Tear Repair Surgery

The labrum in the shoulder joint is a vital component that helps stabilize the humerus and shoulder blade during movement. This ring of cartilage encompasses the outer rim of the glenoid to provide cushiony support around the head of the humerus. When the shoulder is injured from dislocation, trauma or repetitive use, the labrum can be damaged or torn, requiring repair. Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center provides shoulder labral tear repair surgery at our clinic in Miami, FL.

Causes of Labral Tears

Athletes that are prone to shoulder injuries are more likely to experience a labral tear. This includes athletes that repetitively perform overhead arm movements such as pitchers, swimmers, tennis players and weightlifters. Trauma or force to the shoulder in contact sports like football can result in dislocation, which also is a common cause of labrum injuries.

Not all labral tears require repetitive use or playing sports. Degenerative conditions that occur with aging can increase the risk of a labral tear from something as simple as catching yourself with an outstretched arm during a fall.

Symptoms of Labrum Injury

Labral tear injuries are difficult to diagnose by symptoms alone. The instability and dysfunction that occurs with a labral tear can also occur with other injuries to the shoulder such as sprains, strains and rotator cuff injuries. A labral tear can result in a dull ache in the shoulder and possibly a catching sensation during movement. There may be weakness or numbness in the shoulder and arm, and a slipping sensation.

Labral tears are not easy to see with routine imaging. A special MRI technique can be used to identify tears in the labrum. Once diagnosed, treatment may be recommended, including labral repair surgery. This can be performed through arthroscopy techniques, usually small instruments through “keyhole” incisions to repair the labrum damage.

If you have shoulder instability or pain that may be caused by a torn labrum, come see us at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center. Contact our Miami clinic near Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach to schedule your labral tear repair consultation.

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