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Runner’s Knee Treatment

The kneecap, or patella, gets a workout every time you bend or extend your knee. For those who run or participate in many sports, there can be excessive wear on the patella. One condition that can occur is chondromalacia patella, which is an inflammation and breakdown of the cartilage underneath the kneecap. This knee condition is often referred to as “runner’s knee,” although it can affect many people whether they are runners or not. At Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center, we provide effective runner’s knee treatment at our Miami, FL, clinic.

Chondromalacia patella occurs when there is repeated stress and friction on the kneecap. This is very common with individuals who run regularly, from long distance runners to athletes that play soccer, basketball and other running sports. However, you do not need to be an athlete to have this injury to the knee. Other factors such as poor knee alignment, obesity, knee injuries and leg/feet abnormalities can cause runner’s knee.

Symptoms of Chondromalacia Patella

Runner’s knee, or chondromalacia patella injuries, occur over time. Every time the knee bends and extends when walking, running or jumping, friction and wear can occur on the bottom of the kneecap. This constant irritation can result in damage to the kneecap and a variety of symptoms as the cartilage softens and deteriorates. Some of the symptoms of runner’s knee include:

  • Pain surrounding the kneecap
  • Pain or rubbing sensation when standing up after rest
  • Grinding in the knee when performing squats or knee bending
  • Grinding sensation in knee when going downhill or down stairs

Runner’s knee is a progressive injury that will get worse over time without intervention. It can also increase the risk of osteoarthritis and deterioration of the knee joint. Runner’s knee treatment is usually conservative for mild to moderate cases, focusing on rest and anti-inflammatory treatments to allow the joint to heal. If there are physical conditions contributing to chondromalacia patella, such as misalignment or tracking issues, there may be surgical procedures that can help reduce stress on the kneecap.

If you have symptoms of runner’s knee, do not hesitate to receive treatment. If you live in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach, FL, area, contact us at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD to schedule an appointment.

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