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Osgood Schlatter Disease Treatment

Growing bones have growth plates where cartilage eventually hardens into bone. One growth plate is located at the top of the tibia or shinbone where the patella tendon attaches. In adolescents that play sports that require running or jumping, this growth plate at the tibial tubercle can become irritated or inflamed, a knee condition called Osgood Schlatter disease. At Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center, we offer Osgood Schlatter disease treatment in Miami, FL.

The patella tendon is vital for running and jumping. In adults, this tendon can become inflamed and result in jumper’s knee or patella tendonitis. In youth with growing bones, overuse of the patella tendon can cause inflammation in the growth plate on the shin, located under the tibial tubercle. Children with Osgood Schlatter disease may have the following symptoms in adolescents and teens:

  • Pain directly below the kneecap on the upper shin
  • A pronounced, tender tibial tubercle, a bump on the upper shin
  • Increased pain when running or jumping
  • Tightness in the thigh muscles – quadriceps and hamstrings

Osgood Schlatter disease can be painful and restrict activities for young people affected by this condition. Treatment can relieve pain and prevent further developmental issues.

Relief for Tibial Tubercle Pain

For most adolescents and teens with Osgood Schlatter disease, conservative, non-surgical treatment is effective for pain relief. These can include resting the patella tendon to minimize irritation of the growth plate under the tibial tubercle. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications can be used to relieve pain. Exercises and stretching can be beneficial and some patients may be prescribed devices to support their affected leg or legs.

In most cases, surgery is not needed for Osgood Schlatter disease. If there is damage to the shinbone that results in pain or dysfunction, surgery may be considered in early adulthood.

If you have a child experiencing symptoms of Osgood Schlatter disease and you live in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach, FL, area, contact us at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center. Our team can schedule a consultation with a top orthopedist to discuss treatment options for pain relief.

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