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Knee Sprain Treatment

The knee joint is stabilized by multiple ligaments that crisscross and connect the femur, tibia and fibular bones. If the knee twists extensively or is impacted by a blow, these ligaments can be stretched or torn in a knee sprain injury. Knee ligament injuries can cause pain and instability, requiring medical treatment. At Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center, we offer advanced knee sprain treatment at our facility in Miami, FL.

Knee ligaments include the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL). These ligaments allow the bones of the leg to move with great agility, but they can be injured when the knee twists or is overextended. Knee sprains can vary from mild to severe, from a minor sprain where one or more ligaments are stretched to a complete ligament tear or severe knee sprain.

Restoring Knee Stability

When partial or complete ligament tears in the knee occur, the bones can slip and move. Knee instability reduces mobility and increases the risk of more severe injuries. Knee sprain treatment depends on the severity of ligament damage. Mild and moderate sprains can be repaired using conservative treatments, which may include medications, braces and physical therapy to rehabilitate the knee. Severe sprains involving completely torn ligaments may require surgery to reconnect and repair the connections between the bones.

Dr. Glashow and his orthopedic team have worked with many professional athletes that have experienced severe knee sprains. While anyone can suffer a knee ligament tear, it is more common with running or contact sports athletes. If you have a significant knee sprain, Dr. Glashow and his associates can ensure you receive the treatment you need to recover from your injury.

Knee sprain injuries can put you on the sideline. If you need knee sprain treatment and live in the Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, FL, area, contact the experts at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center. Call our office to schedule your knee sprain exam and consultation.

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