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HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy)

Millions of people suffer from arthritis of the knee joint, and many eventually need to have their knee joints replaced. While total knee replacement surgery is sometimes necessary for older patients with worn out knees, it is not recommended for younger patients with knee osteoarthritis. An alternative to knee replacement is HTO (high tibial osteotomy) which can shift pressure off the damaged portion of the knee joint. Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery center offers HTO using the iBalance® implant at our Miami, FL facility.

Many younger people with knee osteoarthritis obtained this disease due to a knee injury. A torn meniscus or other knee injuries can damage the joint and make it susceptible to arthritis. In cases of prior knee injuries, often the arthritis attacks one side of the joint, wearing away the cartilage. To preserve the knee joint and slow the progression of the arthritis, HTO may be recommended.

High tibial osteotomy is a complex orthopedic surgery designed to take the pressure off the damaged portion of the knee joint. This includes cutting and reshaping the tibia to shift the weight to the healthier portion of the joint. To create balance in the knee, a piece of bone or an implant may be used where the bone is removed. Dr. Glashow and our orthopedic team utilize the iBalance HTO implant, which can provide excellent results.

iBalance HTO Implants

The iBalance HTO implant system is considered the gold standard for alternatives to knee replacements. The iBalance implant is used to align the knee joint within the osteotomy procedure, creating a wedge that does not require screws or plates. The implant uses anchors and does not require a second procedure to remove the hardware.

HTO with iBalance implants can offer extensive pain relief for those with knee osteoarthritis. It is also used for individuals with physical abnormalities that cause joint misalignment such as bowed legs that can cause pain and uneven wear on the knee joints.

If you are interested in learning more about HTO using the iBalance HTO system, contact us at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD. Call our clinic in Miami, FL, to schedule your consultation with one of our top orthopedists.

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