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Emergency Orthopedic Surgery for Traumatic Joint Injuries

When you sustain a sports joint injury that takes you out of the game or an accident that damages one of your joints, you may need urgent orthopedic care. The sooner you receive treatment the better – scar tissue and other factors can affect how thoroughly and quickly you recover. If you need emergency orthopedic surgery for traumatic joint injuries in Miami, FL, Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgical center is your source for exceptional joint care.

Dr. Glashow and his medical team are some of the top orthopedic and sports injury specialists in the country. Dr. Glashow has worked with top professional athletes with severe joint injuries that impact their ability to play in the NFL, NBA, MLB and other leagues. He has also performed advanced joint procedures for people from all walks of life that have had traumatic joint injuries. His orthopedic center in Miami, FL, can be reached at all hours for those that need emergency orthopedic surgery for serious or traumatic joint injuries.

Urgent Joint Surgery in Miami

Shoulder, knee and elbow injuries can involve bones, ligaments, muscles and other joint components. When a traumatic injury occurs, fast repair can make a significant difference in how the tissues heal. For those that depend on their joints to perform their profession, such as athletes, it is vital to have surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Glashow and his team are ready to ensure their patients receive the best surgical care when they need emergency joint surgery. Our orthopedic team has decades of combined experience performing some of the most intricate surgical procedures on the joints.

Whether you have a torn ACL and need knee surgery to get back to your team or a fall left you with a dislocated shoulder, contact us at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center. We offer emergency orthopedic surgery for joint injuries at our surgical center in Miami, FL. Call our office 24/7 to talk to one of our representatives to discuss urgent joint surgery options in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

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