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Elbow Injury Treatment with Internal Brace

The ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL, is a vital ligament that offers support and stability to the elbow. Located on the inside of the elbow, the UCL is crucial to support the elbow structure and it is used extensively when throwing, especially by those who play sports like baseball. Sprains to the UCL can severely limit range of motion, causing pain and increasing risk of elbow dislocation. One of the advanced elbow treatment options for UCL sprains is elbow injury treatment with an internal brace, which Jonathan L. Glashow, MD offers through his clinic in Miami, FL.

Ligament injuries are common for athletes. Just like a severe ACL injury in the knee can result in extensive recovery time for running athletes, an UCL injury can impact throwing athletes for several months or longer if surgery is needed. The conventional surgery for UCL repairs is Tommy John surgery, which is often needed for severe sprains or tears. However, some of the top sports injury orthopedists like Dr. Glashow offer internal brace surgery as an alternative to more invasive elbow injury procedures that require UCL reconstruction.

Internal Brace Surgery

For some patients with an elbow injury that includes a UCL sprain, internal brace surgery may be used for repair. This procedure is a cutting-edge orthopedic surgery that can offer many benefits for patients needing UCL repair. The surgery uses a medical-grade tape that includes a collagen coating. The tape is used to repair the torn UCL and give it support, connected to plastic anchors attached to the humerus and ulna bones. The tape supports the ligament while it heals without requiring reconstruction using harvested tendon material. This can reduce the recovery time post-surgery by months and allow for more natural movement of the elbow.

Internal brace elbow injury treatment has provided improved recovery for those with UCL sprains. If you have an elbow injury involving the UCL, you may be eligible for an internal brace procedure. To learn more, contact the office of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD to schedule a consultation at his orthopedic surgery and sports injury clinic in Miami, FL.

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