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Elbow Fractures and Trauma Orthopedic Care

Fractures in the elbow can cause serious damage to nerves and other tissues within the joint. Sports injuries, vehicle accidents, falls and other events can cause trauma to the multiple bones in the elbow, resulting in fractures. Broken elbows can be complex injuries and often require the expertise of orthopedic specialists. If you need elbow fractures and trauma orthopedic care in the Miami, FL, area, you can find the elbow treatment you need through the office of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD.

The elbow joint includes the humerus, or upper arm bone, which connects with the radial and ulnar bones of the forearm. When impact or trauma occurs to the elbow, any of these bones may sustain a fracture. Repairing the bones in the elbow to restore alignment and function requires expertise. Many elbow fractures also include a dislocated joint, which can require orthopedic surgery.

Treatment for Broken Elbow Injuries

Most emergency rooms and urgent care centers are not staffed for providing advanced care for elbow fractures or complex elbow dislocations. While they can provide some diagnosis and immediate care to stabilize the joint, most patients with these types of injuries will be referred to an orthopedist that can provide advanced treatment or surgery to restore elbow function.

Elbow fractures can affect more than just the bones. There are multiple ligaments, tendons and muscles that are involved with the elbow, as well as nerves that service the hands and fingers. When performing treatment or surgery to repair a broken elbow, the nerves and soft tissues need to be protected to ensure restoration of elbow mobility.

Dr. Glashow and his team have decades of combined experience in providing orthopedic joint repair, including complex elbow injuries. If you have elbow trauma, a fracture or complex dislocation, you can count on Dr. Glashow and his associates for diagnosis and cutting-edge treatments or surgery to repair your joint.

Elbow fractures and trauma orthopedic care are available at our orthopedic surgery and sports injury clinic. Contact the office of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD to schedule a consultation with one of the top orthopedists in the country at our location in Miami, FL.

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