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Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Treatments

Incredible advancements have been made in the orthopedic field when it comes to joint repair and restoration. There are procedures that are evolving to help restore and regenerate cartilage, which can delay or avoid the need for joint replacement surgery. One of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country is Jonathan L. Glashow, MD, an award-winning joint specialist. Dr. Glashow and his orthopedic team offer cutting-edge orthopedic treatments for joint repair at his office in Miami, FL.

Many traditional joint repair procedures are very invasive and pose higher risks for patients. Total and full joint replacement surgery can require months of recovery and rehabilitation, but it was once the only solution for joints that had damaged or no cartilage. With the new options in joint preservation, minimally invasive procedures can be performed to restore lost or damaged cartilage, which Dr. Glashow offers at his clinic in Miami.

Cutting-edge orthopedic and joint procedures are not limited to cartilage repair. ACL tears are one of the most common and debilitating knee injuries, often requiring surgery to harvest tissue to reconstruct the ligament, then requiring extensive recovery time. Options like the BEAR implant can be an alternative to reconstruction surgery, offering a less invasive procedure for a very complex orthopedic injury.

Advanced Orthopedic Procedures

Joint pain and injuries can be extremely frustrating. Many of the treatments are ineffective or invasive. With new options in cutting-edge orthopedic procedures, patients can have less pain, risk and downtime while obtaining excellent joint repair outcomes. Dr. Glashow and his associates offer the following advanced treatments and orthopedic procedures at their clinic in Miami:

If you have a knee injury that is causing you pain or limiting your mobility, contact the office of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD. We offer cutting-edge treatments for complex orthopedic cases. Our office accepts insurance as an out-of-network provider – call our medical clinic to schedule your orthopedic consultation for joint repair. Dr. Glashow or one of our orthopedists can determine if you are a good candidate for one of our advanced orthopedic treatments.

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