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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The ulnar nerve affects the outside fingers of the hand. This nerve runs from the cervical spine (neck) down through the shoulder, outer elbow and wrist to the hand. One of the most common injuries to the ulnar nerve occurs in the elbow, where it can become entrapped and compressed, a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. Treatment for this elbow condition is available through Jonathan L. Glashow, MD and his medical team in Miami, FL.

When you strike your “funny bone” and feel a shocking sensation, this is caused by irritating the ulnar nerve. The cubital tunnel is a space between ligaments, tendons and bone in the elbow that protects the ulnar nerve as it passes through the elbow joint. This is located on the outside of the elbow with minimal protection from impact. Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs when the space is restricted due to inflammation or an injury to the surrounding tissues in the elbow, causing ulnar nerve entrapment, irritation or damage.

Symptoms of Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

Cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve entrapment symptoms are mostly felt in the hand. Patients with this elbow condition will notice numbness or tingling in the pinky and ring finger of the affected arm/hand. They may also feel a “pins and needles” sensation like when an extremity goes to sleep. The hand may feel weak, especially when gripping items. Patients may also have hand or outer elbow pain.

Treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome depends on what is causing the entrapment. Tendonitis from repetitive motions can put pressure on the nerve. This can be a sports or work injury from constant elbow use or leaning on the elbow. Fractures, sprains and other elbow injuries can also result in ulnar nerve entrapment. Treatment for the contributing injury can relieve pressure on the nerve, which can include injection therapy, physical therapy and other procedures.

If you have symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome, contact our medical team at the practice of Jonathan L. Glashow, MD. Call our orthopedic surgery and sports injury clinic in Miami, FL, to schedule an ulnar nerve entrapment consultation.

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