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ACL Reconstruction Orthopedic Surgeon

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is prone to severe injuries, especially in people who play sports. Whether you are an amateur beach volleyball player or a professional running back, ACL tears can happen at any time and take you out of the game. To restore knee stability and function after an ACL tear, surgery to reconstruct the ligament may be necessary. Jonathan L. Glashow, MD is a world-class ACL reconstruction orthopedic surgeon with an orthopedic and sports injury medical center in Miami, FL.

When an ACL injury occurs, there will be intense pain, knee instability, swelling and loss of normal function. There is often a popping sound or sensation when the injury occurs, and the knee suddenly gives out. You do not need to be performing an extreme activity to have an ACL tear. Many athletes sustain severe ACL tears during practice or light exercise without extensive trauma to the knee.

Not everyone with an ACL tear requires surgery. Non-athletes that sustain this type of injury may opt to go through rehabilitation and use devices to stabilize their knee without surgery. However, for those who want to restore the full functionality of their knee, surgery is needed when there is a severe ACL tear. ACL reconstruction can restore stability to the joint and with rehabilitation, many athletes are able to perform at a high level again.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Miami

When an ACL tears in half, it needs reconstruction to restore the function and stability of the knee. Partial tears can often be repaired, but complete tears make it impossible to reattach the strands of the ligament. Dr. Glashow and his team perform advanced techniques for ACL reconstruction surgery. The procedure is completed using arthroscopy, an “all inside” method using tiny incisions to access the inside of the knee. The ACL is reconstructed with either a harvested portion of the hamstring or the patella tendon, attaching the donor tissue to the femur and tibia to restore the joint configuration.

If you have an ACL tear and need reconstruction surgery, you will not find a better orthopedic team than our specialists at Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury clinic. Contact our office in Miami, FL, to schedule an ACL surgery consultation.

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