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Achilles Tendon Tear/Rupture Orthopedic Surgery

When you jump, run or pivot, you are giving your Achilles tendon a workout. This robust connective tissue is underappreciated until it is injured, which can sideline even the most talented athlete. Achilles tendon ruptures or tears are most common among athletes that require extreme agility on their feet. When this tendon is damaged, it often will require surgery to restore optimal function. At Jonathan L. Glashow, MD orthopedic surgery and sports injury center, we offer Achilles tendon tear/rupture orthopedic surgery at our facility in Miami, FL.

Achilles tendons connect to the bottom of the calf muscles and secure them to the heel bone of the foot. The taut tendon is very strong but with enough stress, it can tear or rupture. The tendon allows you to propel yourself forward at high speeds and change directions on a dime. For athletes like basketball, football and soccer players, this tendon is vital to performing at the highest level.

Achilles tendon injuries can occur without warning. Even with correct warmups and stretching, a sudden tendon tear can happen when performing routine moves. When a rupture injury occurs, the following symptoms are common:

  • A popping or snapping sensation in the back of the calf or heel area
  • Intense pain near the heel
  • Not able to stand on your toes
  • Swelling near the heel
  • Not able to bend the foot forward
  • Inability to “push off” from the injured leg

Achilles tendon tears can be partial or complete. Many partial tears can be treated without surgery, but complete tears will almost always need surgical repair to restore full function.

Repairing Torn Achilles Tendons

Dr. Glashow and our sports injury specialists have worked with top professional athletes from all over the country. When a severe injury like a ruptured Achilles tendon occurs, our specialists are ready to perform the repair procedure quickly to get athletes on the road to recovery. Our state-of-the-art orthopedic center in the Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami, FL, area welcomes calls from patients 24 hours a day to schedule urgent sports injury diagnosis and treatment. Contact us immediately if you need care for a suspected torn tendon.

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