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Joint pain and dysfunction are often linked to lost articulator cartilage. Injuries, wear and repetitive use can all result in thin or missing cartilage. Without sufficient cartilage, joints can no longer smoothly move and function. Since cartilage does not self-repair or regenerate on its own, joints can be destroyed when cartilage is lost. The good news for those with joint pain caused by lost cartilage is there are advanced techniques to repair and replace lost joint cartilage, in some cases.

Regenerative Treatments for Cartilage

Dr. Jonathan Glashow and his orthopedic team utilize cutting-edge regenerative medicine to stimulate the repair of cartilage. The key to regenerative medicine is to use the body’s own healing power to heal or repair damaged tissue. For cartilage, this can include techniques that stimulate a healing response and/or harvesting stem cells (fat and home based) or growth factors that can be injected or grafted into the joint. Some of the regenerative treatments used for lost cartilage include:

  • PRP injections (low WBC/highWBC)
  • Bone marrow concentrate (BMC) injections
  • Amniotic fluid injections/grafts
  • Marrow Surface Stimulation (stimulate healing/cartilage scar tissue)

The right treatment can help stimulate cartilage growth and repair. This can slow down the progression of cartilage wear, reducing pain and inflammation in joints.

Replacement of Lost Cartilage

In addition to stimulating cartilage repair or growth, there are advanced options for replacing damaged cartilage. Transplantation of cartilage from other joints in the body can provide a cushion to reduce friction and inflammation in joints. Dr. Glashow and his team can determine if cartilage transplantation is a possible option for replacing damaged cartilage. In many cases, regenerative treatments can be combined with transplantation to improve the overall results.

Effective Treatments for Joint Pain

If you have joint pain stemming from arthritis, an injury or other causes of lost cartilage, contact our team at Jonathan Glashow, MD, Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. We offer advanced options in cartilage repair and replacement, as well as robotically/guided arthroplasty and other joint repairs for knees, elbows and shoulders. Call our clinic on NYC’s Upper East Side to schedule a consultation to discuss the treatment options for repairing cartilage and reducing joint pain.

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