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Highly regarded as one of the best NYC orthopedic knee surgeons in NYC, Dr. Jonathan Glashow’s Upper East Side NYC orthopedic practice is dedicated to providing patients and the medical community with the highest standard of care in the diagnostic and surgical treatment of knee injuries and disorders. We provide care for all people with knee problems, from young patients who may require reconstructive knee surgery due to sports injuries, to older patients who may be suitable for surgical knee joint replacement procedures. We are proud to have been awarded by New York Magazine as the “Best Orthopedic Surgeons in America” for over a decade.

We provide highly specialized, expert and up-to-date services to both our patients and our referring doctors. 

We provide a highly specialized service for the rapid diagnosis and treatment knee injuries.

Investigations such as MRI and x-rays can usually be arranged on the same day as the consultation and treatment, including surgery if necessary, can be scheduled quickly.

Please note: A doctor’s referral is NOT necessary from a General Practitioner to see our sports medicine or orthopedic surgery specialists for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at our orthopedic practice – including surgery.

We offer full out of network insurance benefits (we will contact your insurance company and submit for you). You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork. Most policies reimburse patients for most of the cost of surgery. Our surgical coordinator will help you with a quote.

Top Orthopedic Knee Surgeries Performed Include:

Diagnostic tests, treatments, and consultations can often be carried out on the same day. We offer true concierge medicine to all patients.. Our orthopedic knee surgery specialists  have the ability to see our knee injury  patients immediately; same day, nights and weekend and offer emergency services.

Our highly specialized NYC orthopedic practice believes in a multifaceted approach to patient care for their specific knee injury:

  • For our patients this means we partner with you to fully understand your knee condition and how it impacts on your life. We furnish you with highly personalized care, we take time to fully explain your condition and knee treatment options, and we have a range of easy-to-understand information resources available for you.
  • For our referring doctors, this means we partner with you to provide the best possible level of continuity of care. We work collaboratively with you to achieve a thorough understanding of your patient’s presenting knee injury symptoms and their individual needs.

Our NYC orthopedic surgeons use the latest and most appropriate diagnostic modalities, and provide a range of management solutions for your knee injury – from conservative measures to advanced surgical knee reconstructive techniques. We aim to communicate clearly, and work together with you to achieve the best possible outcome in a best in class concierge environment.

You will be cared for by Dr. Johnathan Glashow, a top New York orthopedic surgeon and a best in class team of specialists who work together in a positive, healthy environment, and who are all involved and dedicated in supporting you through your treatment and recovery process.

If you are an out of town patient seeking our orthopedic surgeon’s best in class knee surgery services, please review the following link for travel information: Out of town travel information for our NYC orthopedic knee surgery patients.

Our team of NYC, New York orthopedic surgeons, specialty nurses, physiotherapists and support staff are dedicated to managing your specific orthopedic surgery and working together to ensure your needs are exceeded from consultation to following surgical discharge. Our goal is to deliver premium orthopaedic care using the latest techniques and advancements to achieve the best outcomes and help people return to pain-free, functional lives. Please read some of our NYC Orthopedic Surgeon’s Top Reviews.

Our orthopedic surgeons pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthopedic care. Our philosophy of direct orthopedic surgeon to patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices on the Upper East Side in NYC. Feel free to contact us today, at any time,  and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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