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Glashow Orthopedics is honored to have been awarded “Best Orthopedic Surgeons in America” by New York Magazine for over a decade. Our best in class orthopedic sports medicine surgeons have also been recognized by SuperDoctors, The New York TimesTop Doctors, New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors” issue, and hundreds of leading publications, news programs, and orthopedic surgeon’s review websites; some of our reviews include:

“I tore my ACL and Dr. Glashow had me good as new in not time. AWESOME staff! I was very well taken care of and would return to him for any future sports injury surgery or accidents (hopefully I won’t have to!)” ~ YELP

“Great sports medicine doctor / surgeon! He is an athlete himself, so he has the understanding of what injuries patients are seeing him for. He also has a lot of experience dealing with Olympian level athletes and professional athletes. He is a team sports surgeon for an MBA team.  I selected Dr. Glashow for my arthroscopic shoulder surgery. After healing quickly, thank you Dr. Glashow, I am back in the game!” ~ YELP

“I am a physician myself, and I have to say that Dr. Johnathan Glashow is amazing, warm, kind and supremely competent! My son fell and broke his arm.  Dr Glashow saw him right away (same day), he and his staff stayed through their lunch hour to review Xrays and set his fracture. Dr. Glashow explained every step to my crying child to put him at ease. His office staff was super friendly and helpful, no problems with scheduling at his in demand Upper East Side orthopedic practice … or billing. His office is new and clean, and street parking is easy!

I have been happy to refer friends who are candidates orthopedic surgery and patients to Dr Glashow based on his skill and bedside manner. (On of my son’s friends fell and broke HIS arm the day after MY son).” ~ CitySearch

“I had a full shoulder surgery in 2010, including a biceps tendon re-attachment, labrum repair, and rotator cuff correction. His diagnosis was correct and surgery succesful. Thanks to Dr. Glashow I am without pain and have full range of motion. I think he and his staff are absolute professionals.” ~ Vitals

“He really goes out of his way to make a bad situation (broken bones) better. I needed several screws removed in my leg from another doc and my insurance was being a pain and he made it work!  The procedure was simple and quick and the recovery was short. He followed up frequently and made the whole process easy to understand. I will be recommending him for life!” ~ YELP

“This place is amazing, front desk is awesome (submitted all my insurance information),  super courteous, they were able to squeeze me into an emergency appointment that same day and they also offer same day xrays. I had a shoulder injury at work.

Dr. Glashow’s bedside manners is excellent. He is quick to answer any questions and will have solutions to all your problems. The orthopedic shoulder surgery went without a hitch and it was performed at the most high-tech and clean surgery facility in NYC.  It’s been 8 weeks since my orthopedic surgery and I can say I’m at 90% another few weeks and I should be back at the gym and will be full functioning.” ~ YELP

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Glashow and his team. I was referred to him by a friend, who happens also to be an orthopedic surgeon in NYC. Dr. Glashow performed my meniscus surgery with great care and support. From the office staff to the actual surgery center they use, the experience was great. He was knowledgeable, up front, honest about what to expect, and professional. I have since had occasion to bring my child to him for a possible arm fracture. He was the only one who actually saw the fracture on the films (even the radiologist at the hospital missed it) and he saw us on a moment’s notice before a scheduled ski trip despite his ridiculously packed schedule. He was amazing with my daughter, put her at ease, and even got bunch of laughs out of her. He is a busy guy and sees a lot of patients back to back but always runs on time, but when he comes in to see you in the examination room, he is focused and attentive. In short, he is terrific!” ~ HealthGrades

“When it comes to sports medicine and getting outstanding care and up to date treatment to get back on the court/field/gym there’s no one else like Dr. Glashow and his staff . Dr. Glashow by far is an outstanding surgeon as well an outstanding man…he listens to your concerns and issues, works with you to put together a plan from the first visit. Him being an athlete understands the frustration due to injury and ultimate objective is to get you back to your level of activity as soon as possible and have you back at the same level you were at before injury if not better (stronger, faster, flexible). His up to date knowledge and techniques are by far leading in the Sports Medicine field. Dr. Glashow had great bed side manner as well as availability when it came to any questions/concerns; he personally takes the time to call you back. He truly cares about every patient regardless of their injury and makes you feel as if you are his only patient and number one priority. He’s also NOT arrogant, egotistical, and money hungry like many of the top Sports Med Surgeons are at the Hospital for XXX are; no comparison. Dr. Glashow’s PA Chris Prezzano, is outstanding with his knowledge, communication (responds to emails/calls within hours 7 days a week). Chris has been there for me through 4 major surgeries and I consider him a friend. Regularly will call/email/Skype on post-op progress and level of pain and will make sure I am as comfortable as possible during this extended period.

Dr. Glashow office manger Vincent is by far the most attentive, professional, knowledgeable physician’s office manger I’ve ever worked with. A prime example getting Pre-Authorization for MRI most offices you have to stay on them for up to 2 weeks for approval; not with Vincent he considers it unacceptable and called my carrier and within 5 minutes had my MRI approved and booked. Dr. Glashow surgical coordinator Eliane sweet understanding professional and walks you step by step with booking surgery hospital information dates/times ect. She takes care of everything and keeps each patient up to date on status of everything involving the surgical process.Dr. Glashow by far is one of best sports medicine surgeons in the country; his record speaks for itself. I go to him for knee/shoulder/elbow injuries and are treated like a professional athlete. His entire staff is tremendous asset to his practice.” ~ Vitals

“The best orthopedic surgeon  I’ve ever consulted in NYC. Dr. Glashow has performed 2 orthopedic surgeries on me- orthopedic knee surgery and shoulder- after sports injury accidents. He is absolutely and thoroughly professional, dedicated, straightforward, and principled. As co-chair of Sports Medicine at Mount Sinai, he’s highly regarded. He’s put me back together again, but has also restored my faith in the medical profession, which had pretty much evaporated. That’s not to say that there are MANY excellent doctors, but if you have a knee or shoulder injury, you can’t do better.” ~ Vitals

“I took my 67 year young mom to see Dr. Glashow for a twisted knee and we were both very, VERY impressed by every aspect of the visit. The office is convenient (Upper East Side, NYC), spacious, airy and inviting. The staff is welcoming and kind and helpful. Dr. Glashow was absolutely outstanding. Very short wait to see him, and then he spent all the time necessary with my mom, not rushing at all, being extremely gentle and compassionate with her, and he seemed to GENUINELY care about her and her situation. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had seeing an orthopedic surgeon. Mom is back up on her feet after quick surgery and says she feels brand new!” ! ~ YELP

“Dr. Glashow has been amazing for my family over the past several years.  We have seen him on several occasions and he has been lovely, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Glashow calls back promptly and has even seen us over the weekend due to an emergency.  His staff is also professional and helpful – especially with submitting insurance claims.  He is great with teenagers and talks to them at their level.  He is great with explaining x-rays to both kids and adults.  Highly recommend Dr. Glashow as an Orthopedist vs. going to your local NYC hospital.  His office is convenient, friendly, beautiful, high-tech,  and pleasant.  Dr. Glashow has a great personality, is warm and friendly and while your child is hurting or in bad pain. His surgical skills are the best and we have never has a complication with our family’s orthopedic surgeries: torn ACL, hip fracture, should dislocation. Thank you, Dr. Glashow” ~ CitySearch

“No one likes breaking bones but sometimes let’s face it, sh*t happens. So when I crashed my motorcycle, breaking my collarbone into multiple pieces, severing some muscles along with it for good measure, I needed medical assistance ASAP. It was an emergency big time,

I really didn’t have time to shop around for an orthopedic surgeon. This wasn’t a nose job, this was my shoulder snapped in half, bulging out of my back. Not exactly time for a second opinion, just cross my fingers that based on Internet recommendation he knew what he was doing… enter Dr Glashow.

Within minutes I could tell I was in good hands. There was no doubt in his voice, his plans were matter of fact as he told me what was going to happen, no hesitation. He’d apparently done this surgery a number of times and actually specialized in shoulder surgery and clavicle injuries.

It’s now just shy of a month after the shoulder surgery and I feel far better than I thought possible. I figured my summer was screwed, anticipating months of slings and pain. Little did I know I’d be in physical therapy by week three, back to about 95% range of motion by week four, and only a little stiffness/soreness here and there.

Time and time again I hear encouraging words, “Wow, your surgeon really stitched that well, you’ll barely have a scar!” Lately it’s been. “How are you practically back to normal in four weeks?” Yesterday it was “They had you lifting *weights* in physical therapy? Already??”

I’d like to bullsh*t and pretend I have super healing powers, that I’m just magically about four weeks ahead of schedule in physical therapy, but I’m not going to steal the credit here. My trust in Dr Glashow was obviously well founded, and for that I thank him.

If someone is granted the time to shop around for an orthopedic surgeon, I’d recommend him without any hesitation.” ~ YELP

“Excellent NYC sports medicine orthopedic surgeons– reviews symptoms and explains how what he does will help with pain and healing. In my case, I recently need rotator cuff repair due to tendinitis. I’ve been to Dr. Glashow twice before for other conditions (including a broken wrist) and his care has always been top-notch in every way. It was top-notch again. He is simply the best. His Upper East Side office and staff are unparalleled and his surgical results amazing. No wonder he was won, “Best Orthopedic Surgeon” in New York for over a decade.” ~ CitySearch

“I dislocated my knee over 7 months ago and then re-injured it severely. Surgery was the only option. I received a high recommendation for Dr.Glashow from a friend. He was GREAT!!! Very knowledgeable, spent a lot of time with me explaining the surgical process and possible ways we could go to help my situation. The front staff was excellent which is RARE these days – especially on the Upper East Side!!! Surgery went off seamlessly. Recovery was a breeze. I highly, highly recommend this amazing NYC orthopedists. “~ CitySearch

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Please note: A doctor’s referral in NOT necessary from a General Practitioner or another specialist to see any of the sport medicine orthopedic surgery specialists ofr a consultation or for treatment including surgery.

Our orthopedic surgeons pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive orthopedic care.  Our philosophy of direct physician-to-patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices on the Upper East Side in NYC.  Feel free to contact our orthopedic surgery specialists today, at any time, and start yourself on the road to recovery.

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